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Anyone who currently has a subscription will keep their subscription, however they will be unable to renew, or purchase new subscriptions with this method.

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Detective-mystery meets paranormal thriller!

Today Erica Reed is an exceptional detective, but being special always comes at a price. Her extraordinary gift, allowing her a peek into the past by simply touching an object, makes her the ultimate bloodhound, and yet, causes excruciating mental pain. Her own past is marred irreparably by a personal tragedy. Can she conquer her demons by solving one morbid case after another, or will the unfading shadow of her brother’s killer torment her forever? The mystery thickens, as someone starts leaving clues, that can only be uncovered with the use of Erica’s unique ability. Who? Why? Can the troubled detective last long enough to find out?

Uncover dark mysteries behind grisly killings and lead detective Erica Reed to absolution over four tension-filled episodes of Cognition. An Erica Reed Thriller is available DRM-free for Windows and Mac OS X, with Game of the Year Edition goodie pack, only $9.99 for an entire week!

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Puzzle platforming !

Atoms, the building blocks of matter. Cells, the building blocks of life. Stone blocks layer the foundations of Egyptian pyramids, while thick slabs of concrete and metal frame our homes and skyscrapers. Blocks have been around longer than the wheel. Whether they’re wooden instruments, plastic bricks, chocolatey goodness, or pixely companions – for generations of children and adults… it’s blocks that matter. Markus and Alexey are two legendary block-enthusiast-game-developer extraordinaires. Desire for companionship and adventure brings them together to collaborate on their most ambitious project yet. A shroud of mystery surrounds the Swedish studio, as citizens of this world look toward the project in reverent anticipation. One day, a small criminal group takes the hype one step too far… Markus and Alexey are kidnapped, and now their secret brainchild is the only hope they have.

Blocks that Matter is the game that totally not Notch Markus and definitely not the Tetris guy Alexey might have released if they weren’t busy making a robot. Now they’re in danger, and it’s up to you to get them out. Tetrobot is the one eyed, sweeter than a sugar cube companion that will drill and hop past just about anything blocking his way. Put on a thinking cap and remember your tetrominoes as you platform and mine your own crafty escape route!

A love letter to every cube and brick in gaming. This unique puzzle-platformer will have you headbutting, mining, and arranging blocks for over sixty head scratching levels. Give your thumbs and mind a workout with Blocks that Matter, for only $1.99 on!

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It’s an electric company!

Fifteen years have passed since Tetrobot’s great rescue in Blocks That Matter. The little robot now sits on a workbench, idle and decrepit. A lone girl tinkers nearby, as she reaches over, her nimble fingers tweaking and turning, a new life enters the mechanical body. Switch on, Psychobot! You’re the Tetrobots’ little brother in the most literal sense. A microscopic one-eyed creature designed to delicately penetrate your broken siblings’ inner workings. You’re here to help: float on through the damaged circuitry, flip switches, and regurgitate blocks of matter to rebuild your fallen brethren. Find the important answers: What broke all of these Tetrobots? And how are you so freaking adorable?

Tetrobot and Co. takes the best design and puzzle elements of Blocks That Matter and goes all out. This time around a brand new point and click interface lets you focus entirely on the puzzles. The game is anything but easy, while nothing but fair: there are no perks or backtracking here, every puzzle can be solved from the get-go even if it doesn’t seem like it at first glance. That’s all part of the fun. Just don’t blame us when that one solution hits you like a brick during your morning shower.

Pick up Tetrobot and Co., a quirky brain buster with 50+ levels of head-scratching fun, for as little as $3.99, on!

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Shopping à Paris!

Sure Paris is great for a walk down the Seine, a visit to the Louvre, or “café et croissant” at Champs-Élysées, but today it’s all about games! Our This special deal is our stand-in for Wednesday’s regular Gem Promo offering, however, with 10 games in the line-up we figured it’s only fair to give you a bit more time. The offer is in effect until Sunday, August 3, at 9:59AM GMT. The lineup includes titles that have shaped gaming history as well as games that made a big splash more recently. Let’s have a quick look at a few of those:

Another World, the action-adventure cult-classic, created almost entirely by only one person – Éric Chahi The game was one of the biggest hits on the Amiga platform thanks to its cinematic feel, great animation and gameplay consisting of puzzles, platforming, and shooter sections. Lester, a young scientist struck by lightning during an experiment and miraculously teleported to a dangerous and mysterious world. His survival is entirely in your hands, and, boy, Another World is not the friendliest of places!

Aarklash Legacy is a modern top-down RPG title reminescent of the early 2000s classics, complete with deep tactical combat and an active pause system. An intriguing story is a wonderful backdrop for what the game truly excels in: elaborate combat mechanics, allowing for complete control over enemy encounters. With a classic feel combined with many original ideas, elaborate skill trees, ominous dungeons, and sleek visuals, this fantastic title will easily quench your thirst for classic computer role-play!

Omikron: The Nomad Soul, a remarkable action-adventure game, even by today’s standards, came way ahead of its time. With its lush and complex virtual world, diverse gameplay mechanics, and original immersive storytelling. It succeeded in creating an illusion of stepping into another world and obliterated the barrier between the virtual reality and our own. The project was so fresh, imaginative, and ambitious that David Bowie himself was more than willing to take a prominent part in the production. You can even meet his lookalike in the game and listen to him performing!

Celebrate the creativity and craftsmanship of Parisian game-makers and take advantage of our Games from Paris promo! Allez, allez!

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Join the bracers, save the world!

The Orbal Revolution changed the Kingdom of Liberl. Innovations created with the use of the mystical “orbal energy” advanced the civilization by centuries in just 50 years. Now gleaming airships take to the skies, the night is lit with orbal-powered lanterns, and communication is easier than ever with telephones. However, breakneck pace of change brings many risks. With the emergence of high-powered guns and potent magic the kingdom has become a powder keg. This is where the Bracer Guild steps in, an efficient and esteemed force acting as police and negotiators. And here is where your story begins…

The first proper JRPG in’s catalog is a true gem, a title acclaimed for its novel-like multi-faceted characters, drama-packed story, and detailed lore. Follow Estelle and Joshua, children of the greatest hero of a bygone era, on a quest to find their father and uncover a plot threatening to destabilize an already volatile world. The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky is a rare game that creates a vast fantasy world and populates it with monsters and men you will care about. The game adds an original twist to the turn-based combat system, features highly customisable gear, and tops it all off with surprising accessibility even for genre-newbies.

Discover the secrets and dangers of Zemuria with your band of vagabonds in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky 15% off for the first week. That’s $16.99 until Tuesday, August 5, at 3:59PM GMT.

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Deep Space Express

“Space cargo at your doorstep. We deliver!” Simple as it sounds, deep space can be a dangerous place! As Buck Mann, one of the fearless Space Transporters you’ll need to keep your cargo safe by all means necessary. Pirates roam the darker corners of every solar system and there is nothing easy about navigating minefield-like routes peppered with asteroids. As your interstellar esteem grows (not to mention your now-empty wallet) you’ll take on increasingly daring missions and upgrade your ship with a plethora of problem-solving modules. Need more firepower? Laser turrets and missile launchers will take care of that? More speed and manoeuvrability? Install thrusters and power generators! To get your spacecraft through intense battles you’ll need to rebuild your ship in real-time reacting to incoming enemies. And a specific cargo item can be challenge all in itself, with less-then-welcome area effects and a natural tendency to explode in the middle of a boss fight (yes, boss fights!).

Join maverick Buck Mann, a real daredevil among Space Transporters, on his quest to deliver cargo to the farthest corners of the galaxy, get Space Run: Fast and Safe Delivery 25% off the original price, at $11.24 on

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Post-nuclear mayhem

It’s 2066 and the world is a different place. While the privileged insiders live in fertile domed cities, the rest of us fight for survival in the wastelands. Rival gangs battle for supremacy, turf control and valuable resources. In order for a young man to succeed he must make the right choices about his future. That’s why you want to join the Company. It’s on you, rookie. We think you’ve got the skills, but do you have the guts to go up against the worst maniacs from the Lepers, the Templars, and the Red Sixers gangs? We’ll give you a piece, a rig, and let you try to prove yourself. No guarantees, but if you pull this off you might have what it takes to be one of us…

Redline challenges you to take on 12 insane missions in your quest to become gang warlord. Prove your skills in the arenas, eliminate rival gang members, and destroy all who oppose you. It features both vehicular and on-foot combat–jump in and out of heavily armed cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, and turrets anytime during gameplay. Blast rival gangs with over 40 unique weapons, car jack your opponents’ ride or climb up to a stationary cannon to blow away unsuspecting punks. On, the game comes with a full soundtrack in both high-quality MP3 and FLAC format.

Fight for your life against ruthless gangs in the not-so-bright post-apocalyptic future, on foot and from behind the wheel, in Redline. The 60% off Gem Promo offer lasts until July 29, at 9:59AM GMT.

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An Enchanting deal!

Trine Enchanted Edition, an incredible new remake of the acclaimed side-scrolling platformer of magic and mystery together with Trine 2: Complete Story are now available 80% off on! For a whole week both games in the award-winning Trine Series are available for only $6.98, that’s until 9:59 AM GMT on Friday, 1 August 2014.

Back in 2009, Trine took the gaming world by surprise, combining sleek visuals with interesting puzzles and challenging skirmishes, but after Frozenbyte have considerably upped the ante with Trine 2: Complete Story, they felt that the original game was in need of some special treatment. The remake comes in the form of Trine Enchanted Edition featuring completely reworked visuals now running on Trine 2 engine!

Oh, and speaking of game updates we have just added some cool content to Vertical Drop Heroes HD, and we are celebrating with a 10% off discount! If you haven’t yet, do check out this procedurally generated labor of love for RPGs and platformers, now updated with new enemies, items, and language options available for only $4.49 for the next 7 days!

Important notice!
Owners of the previous version of Trine will receive this update for FREE. Please check your accounts for new installers! The Linux and Mac versions of Trine Enchanted Edition will be added a bit later on.

Experience an even more Enchanting adventure with Trine Enchanted Edition and Trine 2, and get both the games for $6.98 (an 80% off discount) until 9:59 AM GMT on Friday, 1 August 2014.

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Daedalic Entertainment and Telltale Games titles up to 90% off!

Daedalic Entertainment and Telltale Games have become powerhouses when it comes to adventure games. Thanks to new, more innovative, as well as classic-inspired point-and-click titles, the genre is entering another golden age. With this weeks promo lineup you can all treat yourselves to both old-school gems and innovative new takes on adventuring with one additional treat from slightly different category. What treat, you ask? Of course Daedalic’s recent successful venture into RPG territory–Blackguards Special Edition, a complex turn-based game of deep tactical combat, set in the often-visited world of DarkEye, available for only $22.49.

And now, back to adventure games! One look at the Telltale and Daedalic Adventures–and you’ll probably agree that there is plenty for both newcomers and veterans. Sam & Max Save the World for only $2.99, Back to the Future: The Game for only $2.49, Tales of Monkey Island for only $3.49, Memoria for only $6.66, Deponia 3: Goodbye Deponia for only $6.66, and more! With 20 games in our weekend offering, the next few days should give your hands a steady exercise in pointing and clicking.

Celebrate the past and present golden age of adventure games and check out our Telltale and Daedalic Adventures promo page, to pick your favorite titles. You have until Tuesday, July 29, at 3:59AM GMT to get them up to 90% off. It’s adventuring time!

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