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A massive multiplayer mode called RIVALS has been lately added to Curious Expedition game on GOG.COM. This new feature comes also with a few interesting additions:

– Worlds that are up to 10,000 times larger than in the original game.
– Other players will see your name and portrait when you discover new lands.
– A prestigious badge comes with every new golden pyramid you come upon.
– Trek can now be equipped with over 140 Expedition Crates.

Check out Curious Expedition which now available on our GOG.COM’s Black Friday Sale with a 50% discount.

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When you think of first-person shooters, there are a handful of titles your mind instantly thinks of. Games like Doom, Quake, and Halo are classics, but you can’t have a conversation about blistering fast shooters without including Unreal Tournament.

Unreal Tournament, released in 1999, is celebrating its 20th anniversary and we thought it would be fun to look back at the iconic shooter, highlight some of its influences on the genre, and even dive into mod scene which not only helped produce many more modern classics but change up the core experience of the game for players.

Unreal Tournament inspired many shooters to come

Unreal Tournament (sometimes referred to as UT99) is the sequel to Unreal developed by Epic Games. It shifted the focus to the multiplayer portion of the first title. Its fast-paced competitive shooting is still to this day a blast to play against real people or the well-coded bots. Whether playing Capture the Flag on the iconic Facing Worlds map or blasting your way through opponents in team deathmatch on Deck 16, there is plenty to love.

So much to love, in fact, that many modern shooters take cues from games like Unreal Tournament and Quake III (released at the same time). Whether it is the game modes or the weapons, many other titles have built on the success of these iconic first-person shooters.

In addition, these two games showed that two similar-playing games could exist and be successful at the same time. The similarities between the two also helped ignite message boards and LAN parties with conversations of “which was better” and you can still see fans of the two series debating their merits to this day.

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Now exploring the galaxy will bring us even more joy.

No Man’s Sky from Hello Games receives a free 2.2 update, called Synthesis. What new will it bring to the space explorer’s table? For example, we’ll acquire some new outfits, weapons, and ship upgrades. Other additions include the ability to salvage ship parts, and a backpack version of the popular Refiner. Also, the update will bring over 300 smaller changes and improvements to the game.

Get No Man’s Sky during our Black Friday Sale with a 50% discount until December 3rd, 2019, 2 PM UTC.

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Great offers are coming your way! This year’s Black Friday Sale starts now on GOG.COM with discounts up to 90% off.

The sale starts with a surprise batch of Flash Deals that are very time-limited, so be quick to catch them! Once the timer for a deal ends, the game will remain on sale but with a lower discount.

The Black Friday Sale lasts until 3rd December 2019, 2 PM UTC. Now let’s see some of the titles we have for you:

Disco Elysium (-20%) is an RPG title in which you become a detective with some personal issues. Choose what kind of a cop you want to be, honest or corrupt one, and crack a difficult murder case that shocked the city of Revachol.

A Plague Tale: Innocence (-50%) is an adventure game with stealth elements, which take as to the XIV-century France, a land infested with a deadly plague. As Amicia de Rune you must save your little brother Hugo from the clutches of the Inquisition and swarms of bloodthirsty rats.

Stronghold Crusader 2: Special Edition (-90%) is a real-time strategy title set in the time of castles and crusades. Build a powerful fortress that will withstand all the enemy’s attacks, recruit grand armies, and use all the desert features to your advantage.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger (-60%) is a first-person shooter that will make you discover some of the most famous Wild West legends. Join a bounty hunter named Silas Greaves on a journey through the frontier, full of outlaws, magnificent landscapes and deadly gunslingers.

Witcher 3: Game of the Year Edition (-70%) is an all-time classic RPG title. As the eponymous witcher, Geralt of Rivia, you travel the world and hunt monsters for money. Sounds simple, right? Yet our hero has a natural talent for getting into all kinds of trouble, …read more

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Another adventure game from Pendulo Studios, a Spanish company which gave us the highly popular Runaway series. Yesterday has a much darker story than those from the studio’s previous games. It involves a string of disappearances and deaths on the New York City streets. All of them seem to be linked somehow to mysterious John Yesterday, a man who has no memories of his past…

Solve the mystery of Yesterday now on GOG.COM, DRM-free, with a 75% discount until 3rd December 2019, 2 PM UTC. Also, check out the game’s prequel – Yesterday Origins.

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A game made for all those who love molecular chemistry or are willing to learn its fundamentals. MOLEK-SYNTEZ made by Zachtronics is now available on GOG.COM DRM-free.

In the far future, as a tenant of a small flat in Romania, you spend time programing a molecular synthesizer and playing solitaire. What sounds monotonous at first, can be quite addictive – molecular chemistry is a science full of surprises. By combining knowledge and imagination you can convert ordinary industry chemicals into something completely new…

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A game that has a huge cult following around the world finally gets some new adjustments. As the creator of Stardew Valley sums up – 1.4 update purpose is not just to add new content, but to make the game even more enjoyable.

For example, some tools will now prove to be more efficient. Moreover, every spouse of the main character will get an additional after-marriage quest. Gamers will also receive a convenient screenshot button to make a photo of their farm, which they can later share with friends. To celebrate its 1.4 update release, Stardew Valley will be available on GOG.COM with a 10% discount until 3rd December 2019, 6 PM UTC.

Not only Stardew Valley fans will be satisfied with improvements and additional features today. A free DLC for the Project Hospital game, called Doctor Mode, is out now on GOG.COM. Also, you can buy Tangledeep – Dawn of Dragons DLC, with a 10% discount until 3rd December 2019, 5 PM UTC.

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After years of dwelling in obscurity, the Stranglehold game is back in grand style, thanks to GOG.COM and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

For some, this is a true gem among third-person shooters. Others will enjoy discovering the game’s pure action formula straight out of a Hong Kong action flick.

A living legend

Among many action moviemakers, only a few have reached the prominence of John Woo. The Chinese-born director gave us cult-classics like The Killer, Better Tomorrow, and Face/Off. Those titles are so action-packed that even the Fast and Furious movies seem slow-paced in comparison.

The “gun ballet” mentioned in the title is a perfect description of action sequences in John Woo’s movies. Highly-stylized and full of slow-motion scenes, they resemble some kind of death dance that is both thrilling and fun to watch. The movie Hard Boiled (1992) contains all of these things and to this day is considered a near-perfect John Woo title. It’s also the film that gave the director’s career a much-needed push and a Hollywood debut just a year later.

It took John Woo another 15 years to tell a new story about the fearless Hong Kong Police Inspector Yuen, nicknamed “Tequila”. And when the time finally came, the sequel, Stranglehold, turned out to be… a video game.

A strike from shadows

How did it happen? First of all, John Woo, director of high-tech films like Mission: Impossible 2, has always been open to exploring new media. He even founded his own video game company, Tiger Hill Entertainment, in May 2003. Around that time, the famous filmmaker learned that developers from the Midway Company (known mainly from the Mortal Kombat series) were planning to make a game based on one of his movies.

John Woo was enthusiastic. Soon, his Tiger Hill company started to work …read more

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A title with such a cinematic story is not released every day. A Plague Tale: Innocence is an adventure and stealth game set in the times when all hope seems to fade. A young but very strong girl Amicia de Rune must save her gifted brother Hugo from the clutches of all-mighty inquisition and hordes of rats in a plague-infested medieval France. Our heroine will have to use all of her courage to survive against the overwhelming odds.

A Plague Tale: Innocence is now available DRM-free on GOG.COM. Until 3rd December, 2 PM UTC, the game is available with a 50% discount. And that’s not all – if you buy A Plague Tale: Innocence during the first 24 hours from its release (that is until 27th November, 2 PM UTC) you’ll get a DLC called Coat of Arms for free.

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