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The caravan has all my friends / They’ll stay with me until the end

The Banner Saga 2, which continues the captivating tale of your people’s perilous journey, is available now for Windows and Mac, DRM-free on

You knew that your choices would come back to haunt you, didn’t you. But you made them anyway, because that’s what Viking leaders do. Many have died, and more will perish still, yet the caravan must press on. The future holds a thin promise of salvation but the present requires sacrifices, gut-wrenching decisions, brutal turn-based encounters, and a watchful eye over all your caravan’s needs. New characters, a new race of Horseborn, and a more complex story will make your journey even more challenging and rewarding than before, while your wise leadership skills shall once again prove just as important as your tactical prowess.

Continue your epic march through this vast Viking land of legends in The Banner Saga 2, DRM-free on Those entranced by the evocative Soundtrack should pick it up either separately or as part of the Deluxe Edition.

Choices you made in The Banner Saga carry over to the sequel. If you haven’t played it yet, this is the perfect time to begin your Banner Saga and grab the original for 50% off until May 2, 2:59 PM UTC.

In the press:
“As beautiful and tactical as the first, but with greater variety in combat and story” – IGN
“A gorgeous, challenging strategy game that’s starting to tell one hell of a story” – Kotaku

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Eliminating the impossible, embracing the improbable

Four Sherlock Holmes games, chronicling the point’n’click exploits of the brilliant consulting detective, are available now, DRM-free on, with a 60% launch discount if purchased individually or 80% as part of the 221b Baker Street bundle.

The somber sound of a deftly played violin spills in from the adjacent room. Sherlock must be in a mood again. The good doctor takes another look at the notebook where he keeps records of his dear friend’s most spectacular adventures. Hmm, which one should he write about in an attempt to lift his spirits?

Maybe about The Awakened. This is where they faced a sinister cult worshiping terrible gods and had to unravel a downward spiral of senseless brutality and madness. The recollection still gives Watson shivers.

What about that time when the ultimate puzzle-solver met his Nemesis, as he engaged in a mental duel with the legendary gentleman thief Arsene Lupin?

Perhaps he can write about how they chased the infamous Jack the Ripper through the feculent Whitechapel district, while painstakingly examining those horrible murder scenes.

He is somewhat reluctant to recount The Testament of Sherlock Holmes. A thrilling case to be sure, but also one that revealed his companion’s darker side, as he was fighting to clear his name of some truly vile accusations.

This is harder than he thought. See, they are all so chock-full of suspense, brilliant brain teasers, fateful encounters, and picturesque locales. Perhaps it’s time to consult the charismatic man in the other room. After all, this is how they managed to tackle all those challenges in the first place: as a team.

Exercise your crime-solving skills in four adventures featuring the legendary Sherlock Holmes, DRM-free on The 60/80% discounts for 221b Baker Street will last for the duration of …read more

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Forgotten but not lost

Rage of Mages & Rage of Mages II, the old-school fantasy RPG/strategies, are available now DRM-free on with a 10% discount, or 20% if purchased as part of the Mage Rage Alley bundle.

The land of Kania is heaving through corrupted lungs. To subdue this Rage of Mages, a hero will rise and along with their companions must search for a fabled weapon that can put an end to this state of perpetual conflict. But their victory won’t last. A guild of evil Necromancers soon sweeps across the land and it falls upon your small army of both hired and faithful followers to halt their advance and prevent the Rage of Mages II. Real-time combat, strategic elements, and a variety of challenging missions await you in these fantasy lands full of unclaimed treasures and terrible beasts. Are your ready to tackle them?

Exercise strength in numbers and protect the land of Kania from the Rage of Mages & Rage of Mages II, DRM-free on The 10/20% discount will last for the duration of the Bundleopolis Sale.

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He is back with a Wang-eance!

Did you catch this gameplay video from Shadow Warrior 2? That’s 12 minutes of stunning magic and delightful slicing, dicing, trash-talking action that you don’t want to miss. Not if you enjoyed the bombastic reboot Shadow Warrior (2013) that took FPS fans by surprise with its ridiculously fun combat and witty one-liners from protagonist Lo Wang.

Check it out:

Have you somehow missed Shadow Warrior (2013)? Then more good news: you can now grab it for 85% off until May 1st, 11:59 AM UTC. Fun times and inappropriate jokes await!
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Paging Dr. Pocket; Dr. Pocket please come collect your gift basket at the reception

Big Pharma: Marketing and Malpractice, the next step to curing your drugs’ ailing performance, is available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux, DRM-free on

Offering free samples, engaging in cross-promotion, tampering with market prices, buttering up doctors, and coming up with empty buzzwords. These are all parts of the formula for running a successful pharmaceutical business and it’s a good thing you are already immune to any morality side-effects. Mixing aggressive marketing practices with your effective production strategy is the next step to establishing a potential monopoly and dominating competition. The Marketing and Malpractice DLC provides all the tools you need to accomplish that and inject some even more complex decision-making into your business simulation experience. Just make sure your competitors don’t end up giving you a taste of your own medicine.

Make your medicinal products about three times more appealing with Big Pharma: Marketing and Malpractice, DRM-free on

If you still need some convincing to launch your career as a ruthless businessman, now is the time to grab Big Pharma for 40% off. The offer expires on Wednesday, April 27, 3:59 PM UTC.

Twitch alert
Looking for a healthy dose of early DLC impressions? Join Dr. Outstarwalker, streaming the game on, Tuesday, 8 PM UTC.

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What we deserve

The Walking Dead: Michonne – Episode 3, the final chapter in Michonne’s untold adventures, is available now DRM-free on for Windows and Mac, with a 30% launch discount.

In a desperate effort to make peace with her distant past, Michonne finds herself waylaid by
choices made somewhat more recently. The climactic finale of this mini-series will face players with decisions that shall determine which direction Michonne takes in the moral crossroads of a world that can’t allow such luxuries.

Michonne is a troubled woman, broken and reforged by a world where the living are no longer welcome. Despite being a fan favorite, nobody knows exactly what she got herself into during the time when she left Rick Grimes’ group to deal with her personal demons.

The Walking Dead: Michonne is a three-episode miniseries that explores this period in time and sheds some more light into Michonne’s troubled psyche. This package contains all three episodes.

Experience the missing chapters in the brutal story of The Walking Dead: Michonne, DRM-free on The 30% discount will last until May 3, 4:59 PM UTC.

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About a Viking boy

Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim, an open-world action/adventure of wondrous exploration and intense combat, is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, DRM-free on

The Viking warriors of your island have gone missing and ever since then, stability and peace have been hard to come by for those left behind. Tyrim, a young boy whose father was also part of that ill-fated expedition, decides to take matters into his own hands and sets out to learn what happened to the lost Vikings all those years ago, as he explores the picturesque but perilous island kingdoms of Nygard.

Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim is a blend of gameplay mechanics that aim to encourage exploration, giving you the choice to tackle the challenges of the world in a non-linear fashion. Before he gets his own hero’s ballad, Tyrim will have to craft items, upgrade his trusty Viking boat, solve puzzles, and fight formidable foes in gruelling duels that add some Dark Souls flavor to this Zelda-esque world.

Accompany a young Viking in his epic journey and listen to Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim, DRM-free on

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Dead on arrival

Corpse Party, a spooky adventure about the occult backfiring on some meddling teenagers, is now available with GOG Galaxy support for achievements and statistics, DRM-free on

High school is where teenager shenanigans usually reach the peak of self-endangering stupidity. And when a magic charm accidentally transfers a group of friends to the ghostly past of Heavenly Host Elementary, they’ve only got themselves to blame for their misfortune. But fortunately for us, we get to follow them through a series of gruesome happenings, otherworldly interactions, sinister puzzles, and gut-wrenching decisions. The story features multiple endings, as plentiful as the various iterations of this horror cult-classic which now gets its definitive PC edition, full of reworked assets and enriched story elements.

Here’s your blood-stained invitation for a macabre but curiously intriguing Corpse Party, DRM-free on Please bring your own body parts.

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Setting fire to the ruins

Are you excited for Divinity: Original Sin 2? You should be! The Kickstarter-fueled Divinity: Original Sin is already an undisputed favorite of many turned-based RPG enthusiasts and, despite its extensive gameplay, has left us craving for more. Thankfully, the upcoming sequel, heading day-one to, is shaping up to be more than a worthy successor.
Want proof? Watch a PvP match between PC Gamer Tom Marks and Larian Studios’ CEO Swen Vincke, based on the pre-alpha build of the game. Yes, the sweet spell combos are back and they look better than ever!

In case you are still not familiar with the franchise, now is the perfect time to remedy that as Divinity: Original Sin is 50% off until April 27, 12:59 AM UTC. And if you want to see a familiar face in the sequel, don’t forget to vote for the GOG Hero.
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Deals up to 80% off, GOG-premieres, and new bundles every six hours

Come on, come all! Walk the streets of and take in the sights as we build a Bundleopolis of 20+ bundles from the ground up. Join us in a week-long tour where new landmarks, shaped as irresistible bundles, are going to be revealed every six hours with some of them containing fresh GOG-premieres.

Attend the opening ceremony and visit these locations for the first of many bundles:

Academy of LucasArts, including classics like The Dig, Monkey Island SE 1 & 2 and Outlaws for up to 75% off.
Bit.Trip Street, a complete collection of the rhythmic series making its debut for up to 87% off.
Nightmare Avenue, build your own bundle from a scary selection of games like Amnesia, Outlast, and The Last Door for up to 80% off.

Keep coming back to the expanding Bundleopolis Sale to discover new sights and new releases, or exercise your rights as a citizen with build-your-own bundles. If you live here long enough, you might even get to learn its dark secret, which will be revealed just before the city lights go out.

The Bundleopolis Sale will end Sunday, May 1st, at 9:59 PM UTC.

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