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Up to 75% off Freedom Planet, Guacamelee, FEZ, Shantae, and more!

We’ve been waiting four years to get a 29th of February, but now finally it’s here! And what better way to celebrate Leap Day than by going, well, leaping. The occasion calls for some gravity-defying, platform-reaching, hyperkinetic action and that’s why we’ve invited some leaping experts to show us their agile ways. And although it took some effort, we managed to keep the prices pinned to the ground and even knock them down a notch or three.

Ready to protect Freedom Planet from an alien warlord that is after its most precious artifact? It will require speed, agility, excellent reflexes, and some sassy attitude but there is a dragon girl and a wildcat who possess just the right set of skills for the job.

Unlockable characters, randomized levels, dozens of items, and enemies that grow stronger the longer you stay on their mysterious planet. There is also a Risk of Rain and permadeath involved but the hours of intense platforming action more than make up for it.

It has horns, a mean forehead, and a funky beard. No, it’s not your mother-in-law, we’re talking about Escape Goat here! Together with its immortal mouse friend they solve puzzles, avoid deadly traps, and use the intricacies of the environment to escape the most dangerous of strongholds.

Get your feet off the ground and jump sky-high for the long-awaited arrival of Leap Day! If need be, seek inspiration in excellent platformers like Guacamelee, FEZ, Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse or just take a glance at their discounted prices. That should lift your spirits right up! The promo will last until March 04, 10:59 AM GMT.

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Just a bad hair day.

Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse, the cheeky platformer/metroidvania where the purple-haired genie gets rubbed the wrong way, is available now for Windows, DRM-free on with a 50% launch discount.

Shantae is not having the best of days. She has lost her genie powers and her blissful bubble bath just got rudely interrupted. Oh and it seems like she’ll also have to join forces with her arch-nemesis, the feisty pirate mistress Risky Boots, in order to save the land from an evil curse. Great, just great. At least she still has her audacious belly-dancing moves and her lethally fabulous coif to help her get through the day. And eliminate the man-eating beasties.

But being a pirate turns out to also have some cool advantages, as Shantae can now use more than her hair-whips to dispose of enemies and traverse the treacherous levels. All these new weapons and moves will soon come in handy, because the place is teeming with monsters, traps, and bosses who didn’t get the memo about the overconsumption of carbs. There is also a diverse cast of colourful characters to interact with, and among the frenetic platforming and the relentless fighting, Shantae is determined to have a good time, while saving the land and getting back her mojo. Even if that requires an uneasy alliance with, like, the most untrustworthy pirate ever.

Wipe out pesky monsters and scary bosses with your hair-whips, and rebottle your missing magic powers in Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse, DRM-free on The 50% discount will last until March 4, 10:59 AM GMT.

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The not-so-little house on the prairie.

Stardew Valley, a humble province where opportunities for up-and-coming farmers and hopeful pillars of the community abound, is available now DRM-free on

How kind of your late grandfather to leave you that old farm plot you have so many fond memories of. Sadly, the fields are in poor shape, the house is in disrepair, and a ruthless corporation is bleeding the local community dry of resources. But hard work, dedication, and your new local friends will help you turn this around and build a proper life for yourself.

Armed with only some basic tools and a handful of coins you begin ploughing the land, mining resources, raising animals, or even deforesting your corner of Stardew Valley. As your farming endeavors begin to pay off, your business and household will expand, and soon you will find yourself wondering whether you should rally the local community against the aggressive Joja Corporation or embrace their capitalistic ways. But before you go all revolutionary, you might want to first fix the front fence and put up that scarecrow in the pumpkin fields. You did promise your wife to get it done before dinner.

Work hard, play hard, embed yourself into the local community, and start a new life in Stardew Valley, DRM-free on

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Up to 85% off The Witcher series, Divinity: Original Sin, Papers, Please, and more!

Who is Jesse Cox? Well he’s big, he’s lovable, he’s huggable. And the same is true for the list of games that the ultimate YouTuber put together for all you awesome people. I mean, did you see the size of that thing? There are over 40 games in here and they are all Jesse Cox Picks. But if that’s not enough for you to give them a spin, how about the tasty discounts we put on top of each and every one of them? It’s like an overwhelming stream of affordable quality, and all you have to do is just sit back and fish out your own picks at will.

Larian have been steadily perfecting the art of RPG-making and Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition is the pinnacle of their efforts. Spell combos, limitless world interactions, co-op decision-making, and intense turn-based combat make for a sprawling open-world RPG that will hook you on the Divinity universe for life.

Magic? Technology? Theocracy? Perhaps fear, nature, or fiery steel. Whatever your weapon of choice, you shall wield it proudly as you and your opponents take turns on the tactical battles that will decide who will rule over Age of Wonders 3.

The open-world, story-driven RPG sensation of 2015 needs no lengthy introductions. Ride with our favorite white-haired monster slayer as he hunts down the Wild Hunt, striving to protect those he holds dear. But tread carefully, as your decisions will leave a permanent mark on the world, same as this game will do on your perception of the genre.

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Power overwhelming.

Eradicator, a cult shooter where you venture into a hostile fortress that holds galaxy’s most precious element, is available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux, DRM-free on with a 50% launch discount.

Let’s face it, building a sprawling citadel on a mysterious alien planet wasn’t a very good idea to begin with. But somebody decided it was worth taking the risk as Ioxia is the only planet able to provide mankind with the valuable element Mazrium. Now the mysterious forces that were lying dormant at its core for all these years have awoken and all hell breaks loose. The situation calls for gun-blazing action. For explosive bravado. For an Eradicator.

You choose between Dan, Eleena, and lizardman Kamchak, grab as many weapons as you can carry, and enter the fortress to face the ugly hordes that have been unleashed. The gameplay will vary depending on the character you pick but one thing is for sure: you’ll get to kick plenty of spiky alien buttocks. And when you need a breather, you can get down to solving the tantalizing puzzles found within the 25 levels of the vast citadel. The ability to toggle between 1st-person and 3rd-person view is bound to come in handy here.

Get geared up and blast the citadel clean of alien rabble as the Eradicator, DRM-free on The 50% discount will last until March 1st, 1:59 PM GMT.

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Fiat lux.

X Rebirth and Home of Light – Complete Edition, the vast sci-fi simulations where you go into space adventures that will deeply affect the universe, are available now DRM-free on for Windows, Mac, and Linux, with a 50% launch discount.

The future is a scary place but one rife with opportunities for daring spacefarers. As the universe realigns itself, preparing for the upcoming changes looming on the horizon, our young protagonist and his female ally will set out seeking adventure aboard their ramshackle spaceship, unaware of the deep impact they will have on the events already set in motion.

X Rebirth is a huge sandbox, which allows you to make a fortune by trading or fighting, and eventually even build your own empire which will harbor an abundance of resources or bolster your military prowess. After a rocky release, it has come a long way and now X-Rebirth: Home of Light opens up the universe even further, bringing new missions, new enemies, and new weapons with which to conquer them. The Complete Edition also features the Teladi Outpost DLC, where you get to venture into a dangerous station teeming with smugglers, pirates and other space troublemakers, that will help or hinder you on your way to master the endless galaxy.

Seize your rightful opportunities in the sandbox galaxy of X Rebirth, DRM-free on For an even more varied adventure, consider picking up the all-inclusive Home of Light – Complete Edition, also going for 50% off. Or upgrade your universe later, with a 20% discount.
The launch discounts will last until February 29, 2:59 PM GMT.

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There is no time like bullet time.

SUPERHOT, an intense tactical FPS where you gracefully pirouette inside a hailstorm of flying bullets, is available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux, DRM-free on and with a 10% launch discount.

Watching your dancer neighbour tending her garden in yoga pants? Hot. Trying to get your lasagna out of the oven right after it’s done? Very hot. Slaying scores of enemies while dodging a torrent of bullets in slow-motion? SUPERHOT.

Your enemies outnumber you, they have better guns, and they are expecting you. But you have the advantage. Time is on your side – the world stands still when you stand still and moves along with your movements. Slice, punch, and blast your aggressive, glass-mannequinesque enemies using perfect timing, clever positioning, and their own weapons against them. The clean, minimalistic visuals will help you concentrate on this carefully choreographed ballet of brutality and make the most out of your ability to pause and resume the flow of time. Things will get SUPERHOT but keep a cool head and everything will be cool. Especially your cool killing moves.

Step out of the FPS paradigm in slow-motion and engage in surgically executed combat while feeling SUPERHOT, DRM-free on The 10% launch discount will last until March 3rd, 8:59 PM GMT.

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Riding the intergalactic highway.

Master of Orion: Collector’s Edition, the glorious return of the legendary 4X strategy, is available now, DRM-free on Owners of any of the previous installments get a permanent 5% discount.

Most strategy-inclined kids have at some point in their lives dreamt of becoming the true Master of Orion. To conquer a whole galaxy through sly negotiations, intense technological research, or even all-out war. Now the dream is coming back to life, as you will once again ride your customizable ship(s) and throw yourself at a vast network of almost 100 solar systems, populated by the alien races that franchise veterans fell in love with.

Developers NGD Studios have already enlisted a star-studded cast of acclaimed voice-actors to breathe life into these characters and make interactions as fun as the addictive turn-based gameplay that players have come to expect from a true Master of Orion successor. Currently the game will feature six out of the ten alien races and several of the features (like certain victory conditions) will remain unavailable, as the developers aim to keep polishing the game with the help of their community.

Engage in interstellar warfare and limitless exploration in the vivid new Master of Orion: Collector’s Edition, DRM-free on This edition includes the three vintage Master of Orion games and eventually it will also feature a wonderful Digital Art Book, the game’s orchestral soundtrack, an additional race, and more. Those who already own any of the original Master of Orion games on, get a permanent 5% discount.

Note: This game is currently in development. See the FAQ to learn more about games in development, and check out the forums to find more information and to stay in touch with the community.

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Stars are rising, prices are dropping! Up to 80% off Risen 3, Metro: Last Light Redux, Sacred 2, and more!

Falling stars have been associated with supernatural occurrences and have caused many a spiritual pondering since the dawn of time. Do they bring luck? Are they omens of terrible catastrophes? Is God just bored, throwing pebbles at the big ponds we call oceans? It’s hard to tell. Risen Stars, however, have a much simpler connotation: they bring great discounts to all Atari and Deep Silver titles on our catalogue! Catching them before they disappear in the sky may not score you that coveted promotion or a lottery win but we promise it will keep you entertained for a loooong time!

Your soul has been stolen by an evil Shadow Lord and now you must rise and fight to reclaim it. Roam a land ravaged by the Titans, align yourself with one of three factions, collect loot, and wield powerful magic in the vast world of Risen 3.

Caught between warring groups of survivors, the looming presence of extraterrestrial visitors, and the savage mutants, Artyom must scour the metro tunnels of post-apocalyptic Moscow and become his people’s Last Light in this chilling survival FPS.

He is Riddickulously cool. He is Riddickulously deadly. He has a Riddickulous plan: to escape Dark Athena unscathed. Not happening. Lucky for us, since that means we can now tag along as he slices, dices, blasts, and sneaks past everyone in his way. A movie-inspired FPS done right? You better believe it.

Need any help counting all the Risen Stars? There are more than 20 in here and among them Saints Row: The Third, Alone in Dark, Sacred 2, Rollercoaster Tycoon and many more! Look how bright they shine! The promo will last until February 23, 7:59 AM GMT.

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Of vice and (dead) men.

The Walking Dead: Michonne, a new visceral entry to Telltale’s phenomenal interactive drama series, is now available for pre-order, DRM-free on for Windows and Mac, with a 10% pre-order discount.

Michonne is a troubled woman, broken and reforged by a world where the living are no longer welcome. But above all, she is a survivor. Since the moment she was introduced to the Walking Dead universe, wielding her menacing katana and leading two reanimated corpses by chains, she instantly became a fan favorite. However, nobody knows exactly what she got herself into during the time when she left Rick Grimes’ group to deal with her personal demons. Until now.

The Walking Dead: Michonne is a three-episode miniseries that explores this period in time when Michonne went sailing aboard “The Companion”. Along with its crew, they soon come across a horrible massacre which then leads them to a floating colony of survivors. Are those responsible for the bloodbath living among these people? What will Michonne do, once faced with revelations that she cannot ignore? Her choices and her deadly sword are now in your hands.

Pre-order The Walking Dead: Michonne and experience the missing chapter in her brutal story, DRM-free on The 10% discount will last until the game’s release, on February 23. Along with this release, we are also launching the Mac versions of two previous Walking Dead installments on The Walking Dead: Season 1 and Season 2.

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