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X Rebirth and Home of Light – Complete Edition, the vast sci-fi simulations where you go into space adventures that will deeply affect the universe, are available now DRM-free on for Windows, Mac, and Linux, with a 50% launch discount.

The future is a scary place but one rife with opportunities for daring spacefarers. As the universe realigns itself, preparing for the upcoming changes looming on the horizon, our young protagonist and his female ally will set out seeking adventure aboard their ramshackle spaceship, unaware of the deep impact they will have on the events already set in motion.

X Rebirth is a huge sandbox, which allows you to make a fortune by trading or fighting, and eventually even build your own empire which will harbor an abundance of resources or bolster your military prowess. After a rocky release, it has come a long way and now X-Rebirth: Home of Light opens up the universe even further, bringing new missions, new enemies, and new weapons with which to conquer them. The Complete Edition also features the Teladi Outpost DLC, where you get to venture into a dangerous station teeming with smugglers, pirates and other space troublemakers, that will help or hinder you on your way to master the endless galaxy.

Seize your rightful opportunities in the sandbox galaxy of X Rebirth, DRM-free on For an even more varied adventure, consider picking up the all-inclusive Home of Light – Complete Edition, also going for 50% off. Or upgrade your universe later, with a 20% discount.
The launch discounts will last until February 29, 2:59 PM GMT.

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