Release: Stardew Valley

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The not-so-little house on the prairie.

Stardew Valley, a humble province where opportunities for up-and-coming farmers and hopeful pillars of the community abound, is available now DRM-free on

How kind of your late grandfather to leave you that old farm plot you have so many fond memories of. Sadly, the fields are in poor shape, the house is in disrepair, and a ruthless corporation is bleeding the local community dry of resources. But hard work, dedication, and your new local friends will help you turn this around and build a proper life for yourself.

Armed with only some basic tools and a handful of coins you begin ploughing the land, mining resources, raising animals, or even deforesting your corner of Stardew Valley. As your farming endeavors begin to pay off, your business and household will expand, and soon you will find yourself wondering whether you should rally the local community against the aggressive Joja Corporation or embrace their capitalistic ways. But before you go all revolutionary, you might want to first fix the front fence and put up that scarecrow in the pumpkin fields. You did promise your wife to get it done before dinner.

Work hard, play hard, embed yourself into the local community, and start a new life in Stardew Valley, DRM-free on

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