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A different kind of space adventure.

Cosmonautica, a joyous space trading sim adventure, is available now for Windows, DRM-free on! Get it 15% off with the launch discount!

Space travel doesn’t have to be serious business. It can also be goofy, or funny, as long as it remains truly fantastic. That’s why Cosmonautica is such an interesting proposition – it’s a game about space travel, trade, economy, ship management and, well just a lot of joy and humor to go around. Recruit a team of oddballs to take on the infinitely random universe onboard your very own (equally peculiar) ship. Fly around, kill a bunch of fools, make a buck or two, do some science, and keep your crew happy in this FTL-meets-Sims bundle of joy. With a full-blown story as well as a freeroam sandbox mode, what you do is up to you, and choice is the name of the game.

If you’re growing tired of the joyless emptiness of an infinite space, Cosmonautica may just be for you. The 15% launch discount will last for one week, until Friday, August 7, 3:59 PM GMT.

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70-75% off Total Annihilation, Men of War, Massive Assault, Blitzkrieg and more.

“A military operation involves deception. Even though you are competent, appear to be incompetent. Though effective, appear to be ineffective.” “Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys; look on them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death.” These, and many others, are words that you will live by when engaging this weekend’s collection of some of the greatest, most varied strategy titles on It’s our DRM-free StrataGems at 70-75% off!

Total Annihilation is one of the most historical RTSes ever to be released, standing toe to toe with other legends of the genre. It’s a game that back in 1997 introduced a scale so massive that few games manage to replicate it to this day. Faces of War and the Men of War series will teach you about the unbreakable bonds of war. Instead of massive number-based battles, you’ll be controlling a relatively small squad of soldiers – each one simulated in detail, even allowing you to take direct control for the more precise maneuvers. And then there’s Massive Assault, a game of turn-based tactics and true deception from the creators of World of Tanks. In this game, your success will not depend on your reaction time or clicks per minute, you will never go into battle uncertain of its outcome. Everything is consistent and laid out on the table from the start. The question is, how will you play your cards?

Plan, deceive and strategize in this weekend’s promo: StrataGems! With over 30 games at 70-75% off, you can truly earn your place among the greatest generals in the history of mankind. The promo will last until Tuesday, August 4, …read more

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By Yatta

Confirmed! Says Fred of 3DR:
It’s stand-alone, first episode shareware (Classic Duke 3D Model). Exclusive first access to the beta comes with pre-ordering Bombshell.
I came up with the idea with Scott Miller early this year, and reached out to Richard and Evan. We have assembled a dream team working on it.
Actually a few of the posters in this thread are active developers on the project.

Thats it for now – You’ll have to wait for the OFFICIAL reveal for more info,

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Roll the dice on destruction.

Ziggurat, a dungeon-crawling roguelite FPS, is available now for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, DRM-free on with a 60% launch discount!

Ziggurat is a deliberate next step in the evolution of randomised, procedurally generated, FPS roguelikes. Like a legendary piece of loot, it’s a game that takes nearly all of the greatest elements from the genre and meshes them together into what is, today, just about the best way to get your hit of randomised hell. What’s part of the package? A blend of spellcasting and gunplay, an aesthetically pleasing and fun level generator, fast and frantic gameplay for plenty of skill-based challenge, and upgrades that’ll change the way you play – not just give you a boost. Ziggurat is a game you’ll play through several times, and each game will be different- always fair, but never at the cost of fun – from your starting weapons, the challenges that await, through to your inevitable death.

Ziggurat is available now DRM-free on! The 60% launch discount will last for one week, until Thursday, 12:59 PM GMT.

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Experience the true scale of a world war, the best in its class, Paradox style.

Hearts of Iron III the deepest and most accessible World War II simulation yet, is available now, DRM-free on at a 75% discount when you get it with the Complete DLC Collection in one purchase, or 66% off on its own.

Few would bat an eye if you tried calling the Hearts of Iron series a straight up World War II simulator, these are the few games that would never be out of place in any modern classroom. But for all the irreplicable, massive depth and scale there’s a long list of gamers who fell trying to break through the iron curtain of a learning curve.

That’s where Hearts of Iron III comes in. It’s the sequel that focuses on really streamlining the miles deep simulation and flattening the learning curve to truly become the best and most accessible in its class.

None of this is to say that there’s less content here, or that the series sacrificed anything in an appeal to the masses. Hearts of Iron III still takes a time investment, and it’s still in a league of its own with mindblowing scale and depth: governments are simulated in detail from heads-of-state through cabinet members and generals (each with their own personality that you can use for your own means, else they be used against you), there are tens of hundreds controllable provinces, a sophisticated war economy, tons of scenarios, and more strategic and tactical possibilities than you could ever shake your sharpened, warmongering stick at.

For an even more expansive experience you can also pick up the Hearts of Iron III DLC Collection, featuring every bit of bonus content released to date – all at 75% off!

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Start your rampage at 50-70% off, more retro than ever before.

Retro City Rampage DX – The maddest mashup of video game memes and memorable moments starts a righteous mess right where it belongsā€¦ on your retro MS-DOS device, and your modern Linux computer.

Get in on the more-retro-than-ever rampage with a 70% discount until Friday, July 31, 4:59 PM GMT. If you happen to miss the first deal, you can still grab the game at 50% off for the following few days until Wednesday, August 5, 4:59 PM GMT!

Get in the car, drive, kill someone, avoid the police, find the police, get out of the car, ROCKET LAUNCHER, pedestrians drop coins–collect the coins, punch a cop, KABOOM, get underwater, jump, fly, CONTRA LEVEL, ride a bike, flamethrower, METAL GEAR! Plus a NES-inspired monophonic soundtrack by Freaky DNA (Leonard Paul), virt (Jake Kaufman), and Norrin Radd (Matt Creamer).

Isn’t this everything you’d ever want from an indie game but couldn’t find anywhere? Well now you can, including that old MS-DOS machine you haven’t gotten around to getting rid of, in what is undoubtedly a marvel of modern game programming magic. We really don’t understand the “how”. Today also marks the release of Retro City Rampage DX on Linux in an awesome gesture to our community of penguin-friendly gamers.

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A Triple-A Ubisoft Digital Premiere

They may have been nearly lost since the late nineties, but they’re very much alive in game design (and our fond memories) even to this day. Today’s triple Digital Distribution Premiere from Ubisoft is not just a set of releases that start with the letter A, it’s also a collection of games that introduced something new to their genre, offered a unique combination of playstyles and design choices, or tried something fresh and risky with great payoff.

All three releases are updated to work with Windows 10, and are available in a classic Ubisoft bundle at 20% off!

Anno 1602 A.D. is the one that spawned a series famed for its ambitious mix of real time strategy, business simulation and city building. It’s a game that throws you, a pioneer of the unknown, into humanity’s most far out frontier to colonise and conquer. Here, you’ll find everything from exploration, trading, resource management, diplomacy and even combat – truly solidifying the experience of a true freedom to design your world, and the absolute control to do so your way.

Albion is a game that takes classic RPG and Dungeon Crawling, a healthy dose of humor, and risks its dangerous voyage far, far beyond earth into humanity’s true final frontier. It’s a deep-space adventure that draws bits and pieces from an unusual pairing of titles like The Elder Scrolls and Ultima – all to feature great looking 2D overworld exploration with detailed first-person 3D combat. Its most direct roots, however, stem from titles known as “Amberstar” and “Ambermoon” – two parts of an Amiga trilogy that never came to be concluded. Designed by the original team behind the Amiga classic, Albion is the perfect spiritual successor in everything but the name.

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Windows 10 is coming today!

With so many of us excited to jump on board the next big thing for Windows gaming, we want to share with you the latest update on game compatibility today, and our expectations for the future.

Overall, the entire process went better than expected. We’re very happy with that fact, but we’re still only getting started.

Today, roughly 85% of our library is labeled as compatible with Windows 10. These games were fully playable with no significant performance or graphical issues during our testing process and are ready to go right now. You can filter through Windows 10 games in our catalog, and the compatibility will be labeled on every game card.

Moving forward, we plan to continue our work to bring as many of the remaining games as possible over to the new OS. As new updates and features are released, we hope to see improved backward compatibility and new tools to work with, but it’s always possible for new issues to come up along the way. If you do find that a game should not be labeled Windows 10 compatible, we’ll appreciate your help in getting to the bottom of things, but you can always rely on your 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

The most important thing to stress is that Windows 10 is a brand new operating system, and that means we’re still in the middle of a transition period. The coming weeks or months may be rocky as the first wave of patches hits the OS, so we’ll constantly monitor the situation to quickly put out any fires.

Help us improve our Windows 10 compatibility.
Windows 10 is still in its early days, and there’s a myriad of hardware and software combinations out there – some of them potentially explosive. We want to give …read more

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Stand by your kin.

Kyn an unforgiving Viking action-RPG, is available now for Windows, DRM-free on!

1. Be a viking. 2. Be buried alive. 3. ??? 4. Profit. That’s the short version of an ancient Viking ritual designed to grant might and magical powers to the bravest Nordic warriors. Meet the Kyn, six rowdy vikings on a quest to fight off every single monster-like thing that infests their icy world. The thing about Kyn is that it’s tough, real tough. It’s a tactical RPG that’s all about combat like you know it from Baldur’s Gate or Icewind Dale, no frills attached. Enemies are quick and brutal, and though you have your magic – health is always in short supply, one wrong turn and you’re down for the count. Active-pause? Please. While you can slow down the game briefly to catch your bearings, in this world, even time is a limited resource.

Get the game alongside it’s spectacularly brutal soundtrack with the Kyn: Deluxe Edition, and bring on the awesomeness of Viking instrumentals.

In battle, death and glory – join your Kyn today, DRM-free on!

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Cat scratch fever!

Legend of Kay Anniversary a remastered release of the PS2 action-platforming classic, is available now for Windows and Mac OS X (coming soon), DRM-free on with a 10% launch discount.

From the PlayStation 2, through the Nintendo DS, and straight onto your PC and Mac. The Legend of Kay returns with a completely remastered experience thanks to high resolution textures, high-poly models, modern rendering techniques and surround sound – but with all of the same level design and gameplay you may already know and love. Kay is cat. But not the cute and fuzzy kind of kitty cat, he’s the leap around slashing and slaughtering gorillas kind of ninja kitty cat. Back when it was just released, the Legend of Kay was lauded for its satisfyingly dynamic combo based combat, as well as smooth, fast and super responsive controls. As it turns out, with just a few updates the gameplay holds up just as well as it ever did, and this one is a must-have for anyone with a knack for a varied and skill-based mix of combat and platforming.

The PS2 classic returns in Legend of Kay Anniversary, available DRM-free on! The 10% launch discount will last for one week, until Tuesday, August 4 at 12:59 PM GMT.

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