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Beasts & Exploration, a new DLC for Battle Brothers, is coming soon, DRM-free.

Take your cutthroat Battle Brothers to fight horrible creatures and uncover hidden treasures in a world that’s 25% larger and more perilous than ever before. Hidden locations, interesting lore bits, gear customization options, events, contracts, and more.

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They don’t make ’em like that anymore.

They were always there when we needed them the most.

To distract us from homework. To teach us the art of sleepless rejuvenation. To scare us. Excite us. Make us scratch our head.

Now they’ve returned to remind us how it’s done. Sporting big discounts. For old times’ sake.

The Weekend Sale ends November 19th, 11 PM UTC.

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Last one there is an empty crater!

Space Race, a major DLC for Surviving Mars is now available DRM-free. Celebrate with extraterrestrial discounts on the franchise, going up to 40% off.

You got your sponsor’s money, your know-how, your will to prevail. Now go out there and show them how proper colonization is done, before your AI opponents claim the planet for their country.

Get the Space Race Plus, which also includes the Marsvision Song Contest and Colony Design Set, or grab them separately.
This is already included in the Season Pass and of course the First Colony Edition.

On top of that, the game just received the free Gagarin update with numerous fixes and improvements, including a visually overhauled UI, a new building and the option to transport waste rock in shuttles.

See the full patch notes here.

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More than a feeling.

Dust off your handkerchiefs and oversized swords: an avalanche of new visual novels is hitting GOG and to celebrate we also have a hefty amount of games inspired by the Soul of Japan on sale!

Among the newcomers you’ll find:

– The futuristic thriller WORLD END ECONOMiCA (ep. 01- 03) which begins with a young man’s dreams of greatness which inevitably get him into heaps of trouble.

– A supernatural gothic tale spanning centuries of tragedy and love inside The House in Fata Morgana.

– A chilling story of two high school students investigating urban legends against their better judgement in Sound of Drop -fall into poison-.

– The mysterious murders caused by vast riches everyone wants to inherit in Umineko When They Cry – Question Arcs and Answer Arcs.

– A desperate attempt of a college student to recover the digitally stored memories of a dearly departed friend in Memory’s Dogma CODE:01.

– The romantic adventures of a boy attending an all-girls private school in Princess Evangile and Princess Evangile W Happiness.

Visual novels not your jam? Yoshi! Ikuzo! Then sift through our Soul of Japan sale containing jRPGs, action/RPGs, and yes a good number of visual novels up to 80% off!

The Soul of Japan sale lasts until November 17th, 11pm UTC.

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Disturb the sound of silence.

The Last Broadcast, the second Stories episode for This War of Mine is now available DRM-free.
This is included in the Season Pass together with Father’s Promise and one more upcoming DLC.

As with all things during wartime, operating the local radio station is as much a service as it is a burden. Will you broadcast the truth and bear the consequences or will you shelter the citizens from the horrors you know, for their own good?

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And way down we go.

Descent (2019) is now available for pre-order DRM-free. Grab it until November 20th, 6PM UTC and get Descent 3 for FREE. Owners of Descent: Underground will also receive Descent 2019 (+ Descent 3) in their library.
If you already own Descent 3, please contact Support to get a code for a friend.

When thrilling dogfights and six degrees of freedom fell for each other, Descent began! Now it returns with gusto: pick a class, jump inside one of 20 customizable ships and fly down to the ruthless underground where a battle over resources rages in single-player and multiplayer mode.

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What is this, a crossover DLC?!

Heroes of Star Control: Origins, a new DLC pack for Galactic Civilizations III is now available DRM-free, 10% off until November 20th, 6pm UTC.

Build new Galactic Civilizations with the Tywom, Mowlings, Free Trandals, and Mu’Kay aliens who have just arrived from the neighboring Star Control: Origins universe, bringing their own leaders and stylings.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games