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Waking Mars for only $1.99 + Tex Murphy Series, Simon the Sorcerer, and many more 70% off!

Now, let’s move on to our Classic Adventure Cruise Weekend Promo with landmark adventure games available whole 70% off. You can stay in the Martian landscape for a little bit longer with Tex Murphy, the fedora-and-trenchcoat PI of the grim future. All of the classic adventure games with that fan-favorite character are available for $2.99 each, except for the first two bundled together for just $1.79. Or, if you prefer fantasy and comedy to Sci-Fi gloom and doom, you can’t go wrong with Simon the Sorcerer, Simon the Sorcerer 2, and Simon the Sorcerer 3D This cherished series of adventure classics is known for its tongue-in-cheek humor, devious puzzles, and countless allusions to popular fantasy books, games, and movies. While the first two games use hand-crafted pixel-art graphics and a traditional point-and-click interface with clickable on-screen commands, the third one takes Simon’s misadventures into a 3D environment while retaining all (well, ok: most) of its predecessors’ charm. Put yourself in the pointy shoes of a young apprentice of wizardry for 70% off, this weekend only on

That’s just a …read more

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A whole new campaign!

In 2012, magic returned to our world, awakening powerful creatures of myth and legend. Among them was the Great Dragon Feuerschwinge, who emerged without warning from the mountains of Germany unleashing fire, death, and untold destruction across the countryside. It took German forces nearly four months to finally shoot her down – and when they finally did, the event became known as the Dragonfall. It’s 42 years later, and a new threat is rising, one that could mean untold chaos and devastation. One that soon has you and your team caught on the wrong side of a deadly conspiracy. The only clue: whispers of the Dragonfall. Rumors that the Great Dragon Feuerschwinge may still be alive, waiting for the right moment to return…

Shadowrun: Dragonfall, transports runners to the Free City of Berlin, a thrilling Shadowrun setting full of gorgeous new hi-res environments, a diverse new cast of characters, and a new soundtrack by Sam Powell, the composer of the original Sega Genesis Shadowrun game. You’ll lead a small team of shadowrunners, each with their own outlook and backstory. The members of your team are designed to play unique roles during missions, and each has a distinct …read more

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Aurum potestas est.

Europe, 1400 A.D. – The last crusade, which started 6 years before, ended in a horrible defeat when the crusaders failed to conquer Nikopolis before being reached by the armies of Osmans and Serbs. The dream of conquering Jerusalem is forgotten, and European authorities are well aware that over the coming centuries, they will be submerged into defending themselves against the Osman forces, which have several outposts in Eastern Europe. The Roman Catholic church is in a state of devastating dispute and intrigue, and uprisings are clearly just around the corner.

The Guild Series Bundle brings two new titles to The Guild 2 is a unique mixture of RPG and life simulation in an immerse middle ages scenario. The player and his party become part of history and can even change it in real-time. Go back to the dark middle ages and found a new dynasty. Take care of yourself, because your opponents never sleep. Marry a beautiful wife and make new friends; control your life. Hand down your skills and your descendants will greatly appreciate it. The Guild 2: Pirates of the European Seas is a stand-alone expansion that transforms the game into an even greater …read more

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Völgarr the Überbeard to friends.

Volgarr the Viking is a game quite in tone with how we imnagine Vikings. Badass, straight to the point, ready for epic deeds, with not much time for stories until there’s fighting and looting to be done. Stories are better left for long winter nights, and enjoyed while sipping mead by the hearthfire. Right here, right now–it is the time for action. This game offers some actual classic hardcore arcade action, made even more enjoyable with support for Dinput and Xinput controllers. There’s seven worlds to explore across 30 maps, all bristling with high quality handcrafted pixel animation. On your way, you’ll run into over 30 unique traps and enemies, including huge bosses that take up the entire screen!

Put on some heavy metal through your speakers and get yourself in the mood for an old-school platforming challenge with Volgarr the Viking, for only $4.79, on The Indie Gem Promo lasts until Thor’s Day, February 27, at 10:59AM GMT.

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Hey Goggers;

As many of you know, we announced on last Friday that we are going to introduce regional pricing for 3 new games coming up on soon. Looking at the amount of reactions (over 3,500 comments at this very moment), it is obvious that this change is making many of you guys worried. We must have failed to clearly explain why our pricing policy for (some) newer games will change and what this means as a matter of fact for our PC & MAC classic games, which account for over 80% of our catalogue.

To be honest, our announcement was a bit vague simply because our future pricing policy is not 100% set in stone yet and we were just worried to make any promises before it was. You know, has been growing quickly (thanks to you!), and the more we grow, the more we are worried to make some of you guys disappointed. This is why we were so (over-)cautious with our announcement.

We should have just been upfront about why we’ve made these changes and what they mean for us in the future and what we’re planning. So let’s talk. To be clear: what I’m talking about …read more

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The chronicle of the Third Era is about to be revealed!

Imagine! Empires rising and falling before your very eyes, led to victory or defeat by heroes of legend so powerful that they appear to be titans in the eyes of mortals. Sorcerers harness the arcane powers to bend the rules of the world around them. Theocrats twist the wills of their followers with the holy aura bestowed upon them by their deities for their zealous service. Rogues rule the shadows, taking any chance to strike and win before their foes even realize there is a war to fight. Warlords earn the loyalty of their legions by the glory gained in the many battles they emerged from, victorious. Archdruids become one with nature, and the land itself rushes to their aid. Dreadnoughts rely on the art of engineering to construct their unstoppable artificial armies. All those powers, all of their miraculous exploits, all of their desires, all thrown into one realm of war. This shall truly be an age of wonders!

With Age of Wonders 3, Triumph Studios aims to set new standards not only for the acclaimed Age of Wonders series, but also for the turn-based strategy genre itself. Taking …read more

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Seeing double.
Seeing double.

Fractured Soul puts you in control of the entity–one soul stretched across two dimensions, each of them quite similar, but not the same. Double the information input, double the effort to process it, double the fun from overcoming the challenges. Your character is able to shift between two worlds in an instant, but it’s up to you to take in what’s happening in both of them at any given time, to make sure your use of that ability leads to optimal results. Hardcore bonus challenge levels are unlocked through 5 star performances in the main game. You can also take on the challenge of Fractured Soul with a friend, in local co-op mode. The game comes bundled with a full soundtrack, both in MP3 and FLAC format.

Give your brain an excercise in multi-tasking with the devious arcade mindgame that is Fractured Soul, for only $8.99 on The 10% off special release discount offer lasts until Tuesday, March 4, at 10:59AM GMT.

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A power too great for mortals to harness, a quest too great to pass upon.

Summoners have toppled empires and challenged gods. They are venerated as saviours and feared as destroyers. With rings crafted by the ancient Khosani, the gifted can call forth demons, dragons, and elementals, but only the strongest can control the forces they unleash. Born with the mark of the Summoner, Joseph possesses a power greater than emperors and gods. As a child, he summoned a demon to save his village, and watched in horror as those he loved were destroyed. Nine years later, the armies of Orenia invade, and Joseph must confront the prophecy he was born to fulfill.

In Summoner, you traverse a beautiful, completely original world spanning two continents. You’ll summon up to 16 different creatures, such as minotaurs, golems, dragons, and try to control them in combat. You’ll be casting spectacular spells and wield an extensive arsenal of weapons and armor. With the large gameworld to explore, memorable NPCs to meet and befriend, an interesting combat system that adds some extra fun and strategy into battles, and–most importantly–a great story to tell, this 2000 classic game feels a lot like a great jRPGs, but …read more

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Gentlemaniacs, start your engines!

Ah, automobile racing! Such a classy sport. The pinnacle of friendly rivalry, fair play, and finesse. There’s quite no other activity a gentleman could enjoy more on a Sunday afternoon in the company of his good chums. I know there are some unprogressive circles proclaiming automobile racing to be brutish, morally corrupt, and unworthy of a true gentleman. I say! It’s hard to understand all that public controversy surrounding our favorite pastime. Some accidents are bound to happen, but risk is a crucial ingredient of every elite entertainment. It’s certainly not like we are putting anyone but ourselves in the harm’s way. The thought that a gentleman driver could run over a pedestrian with his automobile is simply… pedestrian. I can’t imagine how this noble sport could ever become unfair, not to mention brutal. Absurd notion, I say. Absurd!
–Sir Harold M. Damage, April 1908, Dullbottomshire

It’s safe to assume that Carmageddon 1 + 2 bundle offers one of the highest currency to badassery exchange rate available anywhere in the known universe. The amount of manic aggression, high-speed mayhem, chrome, steel, gasoline, and blood splatter you get for your buck will not be matched easily, even by grindhouse …read more

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By Green


Gearbox Software has today filed a lawsuit against 3D Realms and Interceptor Entertainment for allegedly infringing on their Duke Nukem intellectual property rights and trademarks in producing ‘Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction’, a Duke Nukem title rumoured to be in development by Interceptor Entertainment with the involvment of 3D Realms, without any permission granted to either party by Gearbox Software or any legal right do to so granted to either party in the 2010 asset purchase agreement for the Duke Nukem intellectual property.
This case stems from efforts to illegally exploit Gearbox’s intellectual property rights in the Duke Nukem video game franchise. Specifically, Defendants Interceptor and 3DR have colluded to misappropriate and make infringing use of the Duke Nukem trademarks and copyrights owned by Gearbox.
‘Exhibit C’ of the filed complaint seems to discuss elements of the asset purchase agreement including 3D Realms retaining of the rights to several Duke Nukem titles that were in development at the time of the asset purchase by Gearbox Software that seem to include the Duke Nukem Trilogy that was in production by Apogee Software, LLC. at the time and another prior to now unheard of Duke Nukem game entitled ‘Survivor’. 3D Realms claim …read more

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