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The fast, the furious, and the hidden.

Frantic arcade gunfights, lightning-fast kicks, an explosion of colored lights: this is the backbone of our Weekly Sale Vol. 25
Plus grab Hidden & Dangerous Action Pack and Hidden & Dangerous 2 , the tactical WWII shooters where every bullet counts, at 75% off!

But the sale is also more than that – there are strategic challenges, intense dogfights, and even a dash of relaxing adventuring in here. Let’s look at some of the standouts:

No elaborate introductions necessary when talking about Metal Slug – we all remember the insatiable arcade machines where the series used to thrive. No need for coins now – just fire it up and get down to taking care of unfinished business with the touch of a button.

Attractive girls with gravity-defying hairdos? Flashy powers and turn-based, explosive combat? Elaborate and character-driven storylines involving the dreaded Console War? That’s Hyperdimension Neptunia for you – a cheeky jRPG series that truly knows how to have fun!

As always, there is more: Sid Meier’s Colonization, Requiem: Avenging Angel, Fatal Fury Special, Samurai Shodown, and plenty of others!

The Weekly Sale Vol. 25 and Hidden & Dangerous discounts will last until August 7 , 4 PM UTC.

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Get the whole bundle 75% off, or check out individual discounts.

Telltale Games’ contribution to the adventure gaming genre is nothing to scoff at – from classics like Sam & Max and The Walking Dead, through The Wolf Among Us and Tales from the Borderlands, Telltale’s unique take on beloved stories and universes continues to delight – sometimes it makes us laugh, sometimes it makes us cry.

So whether you’re about to discover the greatness, or looking to complete your collection of their classics, you can now grab our Telltale Megabundle and get 75% off it all!

And if you’re just looking for one or two games, grab them at individual discounts ranging from 50-75% off.

So what’s your favorite Telltale game ever? Which one will you never forget?

The Telltale Megabundle will last until August 7, 4PM UTC.

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Four matches made in heaven.

Goodies, bonuses, and that feeling when you buy a game and it comes with so many extras – at, we’ve always done our best to make sure your every purchase is full of value.
Now for a limited time, you can get even more value out of your pre-order, ease the wait, and get in the right mindset when grabbing free games with select pre-orders, only on

Absolver + Furi
Precision, strategy, and timing are key in the incredible duels you’ll face throughout Furi and Absolver – blending stylish and nuanced combat with great visuals, story, and epic adventure. Pre-order Absolver now at 10% off to receive Furi and in-game items: The Labyrinth Prospect Mask and Uring Priest Gear Set.

Hello Neighbor + Jazzpunk
A splash of humor, a dash of tension – Hello Neighbor and Jazzpunk both offer a unique sort of adventure full of secrets, exploration, infiltration, and plenty that’s simply strange… Additionally, by pre-ordering Hello Neighbor, you’ll get access to 3 Alpha builds allowing you to experience the diversity of gameplay in the newest game by tinyBuild.

Ken Follet’s The Pillars of the Earth + The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav
The video-game adaptation of world-bestseller “The Pillars of the Earth” is available for pre-orders now exclusively on Together with The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav, there are countless hours of fantastic writing and adventure ahead.

Sudden Strike 4 + Sudden Strike 1, Sudden Strike 2, Sudden Strike 3
Sudden Strike is coming back! Relive history with the original trilogy, reworked by GOG-engineers for smoother gameplay on modern machines, as we await the fourth installment of the highly-realistic RTS – we’ll need the practice anyway. Pre-order now at 15% off.

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A shattered mind cuts deeper.

Sundered, a terrifying dash into the heart of darkness and insanity is now available, DRM-free on with a 10% launch discount.

Horrible things skitter and slither in the cavernous depths, waiting to swallow you whole or just suck out any remnants of your soul. The parts you haven’t yet surrendered, anyway. Because when things get scary, you will be tempted to channel corrupted powers against the massive monstrosities standing in your way, at the cost of your humanity. Can you resist their dark embrace?

The 10% discount will last until August 4, 1PM UTC.

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Which side are you on, general?

Sudden Strike 1, 2 & 3, the RTS series that perfectly captured the chaotic intensity of WW2, are now available, DRM-Free on, with a 25% bundle discount. Anyone who pre-ordered or will pre-order Sudden Strike 4, will receive all three of them for free.

Sudden Strike Gold ets you command Russian, German, French, American and British forces during its WW2-inspired campaign. With destructible terrain and epic battles featuring hundreds of units in every scenario, it kicked off the series with confidence.

Sudden Strike 2 Gold continued that legacy, adding the Japanese armies to the mix, and spicing things up with more vehicular action and the war spreading to the Pacific.

Sudden Strike 3 made the transition to 3D, letting you co-ordinate aerial, naval, and land-based attacks, expanding the size of the massive maps even further. Its advanced AI will become your best ally, when executing your tactics with the huge armies under your command.

Buy all three together for a 25% bundle discount.

NOTE: While still not entirely devoid of technical hiccups, these versions of the celebrated classics have been tweaked to work better in today’s machines. You can expect added CD audio to SS 1, 2, and Resource War, restored editors for SS 3 and Last Stand, and a more stable performance for SS 2.

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Death, interrupted.

Immortal Planet, a bleak sci-fi action-RPG with Souls-like progression and demanding combat, is now available, DRM-Free on, with a 10% launch discount.

This place is cursed, cursed with never-ending life. Stripped of your memories, you stumble through its harrowing halls, looking for a way out. Ancient warriors, now driven mad by the burden of eternity, will stand in your way. Persevere with skill, timing, and cunning, exploit their weaknesses, and maybe you’ll live long enough to uncover the terrible mysteries of this wretched planet.

The 10% discount will last until August 3, 11PM UTC.

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Dice hard.

Galaxy of Pen & Paper, a turn-based RPG with a meta-narrative and plenty of retro-power, is now available, DRM-Free on, with a 10% launch discount.

Welcome to a world of pure amalgamation! There are aliens, angry spacemen, sentient energy formations, assorted weirdos – all conjured up by your Game Master’s imagination, and ready to be tackled by your party of choice with a roll of the dice. Engage nostalgia mode and take a spoonful of this cheeky sci-fi brew, made only with wholesome 1999 ingredients.

The 10% discount will last until August 3, 2PM UTC.

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Citizens deny knowledge.

The Darkside Detective, a spooky-go-lucky adventure full of pixelated absurdity, is now available, DRM-Free on, with a 23% launch discount.

A wave of paranormal weirdness is spreading across Twin Lakes City and nobody seems to give a damn. Except for specialized detective Francis McQueen and his sidekick, officer Dooley, who throw themselves into the night to study occult symbols, talk with ghost celebrities and make sure the local zombies stay hungry.

The 23% discount will last until August 3, 1PM UTC.

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Help your civilization do a big bang, free of charge.

A sweet Demo for the upcoming game The Universim is now available, DRM-Free on

Looking forward to creating your own startup civilization and launching it into the cosmos? Then don’t miss your chance to try this free Demo, which offers a brief look at what the game’s Procedural Planet Generator can do, in terms of creating living, breathing environments. Keep in mind, though, that the gameplay mechanics are disabled for the purposes of this demo.

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Staying on track.

Transport Fever, the railroad-focused simulator, just received a significant update and is now 30% off. Celebrate with our Special Transport Sale, containing more choo-chooing goodness up to -80%.

This update brings several key improvements to the visuals, user interface, and gameplay, as well as some welcome bug fixes. They all promise to make your life easier and building your railroad dynasty even more enjoyable.

To celebrate, the game is now 30% off. But if you want to try your hand at a different member of the transport simulation family, check out our Special Sale, which includes SimCity 3000, SimCity 4, Theme Park, and more, up to -80%.

All discounts will last until July 31, 4PM UTC.

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