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Sudden Strike 1, 2 & 3, the RTS series that perfectly captured the chaotic intensity of WW2, are now available, DRM-Free on, with a 25% bundle discount. Anyone who pre-ordered or will pre-order Sudden Strike 4, will receive all three of them for free.

Sudden Strike Gold ets you command Russian, German, French, American and British forces during its WW2-inspired campaign. With destructible terrain and epic battles featuring hundreds of units in every scenario, it kicked off the series with confidence.

Sudden Strike 2 Gold continued that legacy, adding the Japanese armies to the mix, and spicing things up with more vehicular action and the war spreading to the Pacific.

Sudden Strike 3 made the transition to 3D, letting you co-ordinate aerial, naval, and land-based attacks, expanding the size of the massive maps even further. Its advanced AI will become your best ally, when executing your tactics with the huge armies under your command.

Buy all three together for a 25% bundle discount.

NOTE: While still not entirely devoid of technical hiccups, these versions of the celebrated classics have been tweaked to work better in today’s machines. You can expect added CD audio to SS 1, 2, and Resource War, restored editors for SS 3 and Last Stand, and a more stable performance for SS 2.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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