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You’re into RPGs, perhaps? Turn-based, action, or just plain EPIC RPGs? Maybe you’d rather go with strategy, adventure, or action-adventure. Doesn’t matter, really, since THQ Nordic’s catalog’s got it all. In spades. Also discounts up to 80%. Another small sentence that compels you to pay attention. In today’s Weekend Sale.
Now some suggestions to get you started

As the spiritual successor to the celebrated Gothic series, ELEX throws strong sci-fi elements, mutant creatures, and a diverse setting into the mix, updating the Piranha Bytes formula for a new era.

Just look at that artstyle. LOOK AT IT. Now back to this newspost. Now to the artstyle again. It’s so hard to turn away. But apart from the rad visuals, Battle Chasers: Nightwar combines punchy jRPG gameplay and a rich story for a lengthy adventure based on the acclaimed comic book series.

The THQ Nordic Weekend Sale ends May 28, 10pm UTC.

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Desperate times, desperate slaughters.

Horrors of the Warp is now available, DRM-free on
The Space Wolves return to write the last chapter in the Sanctus Reach saga. With a new campaign spanning 16 scenarios, new heroes and units, and a formidable enemy in the Chaos Daemons, this is another epic adventure of pure carnage and true grit.

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What can’t be cured must be endured.

Unforeseen Incidents is now available, DRM-free on
The Yelltown fever is making the locals uneasy, but they trust this private health contractor to put the situation under control. That is until Harper, the town’s easy-going handyman, stumbles upon rumors of a nefarious conspiracy involving that very same organization. With the help of a friendly scientist and an inquisitive reporter, he must step on some powerful toes as he points and clicks his way towards the shocking truth.

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Believe dat.

It’s been 20 years since we crash-landed on a planet full of ugly aliens, snazzy guns, and conveniently places power-ups. Today we’re going back for a nostalgic trip FREE of charge!

Together with Epic Games, we are celebrating this anniversary with a 48h giveaway of Unreal Gold, the hallmark FPS that expanded the shooter genre with open areas, sweet weapon upgrades and, well, unreal lighting effects.

Grab it for FREE through our front page banner until May 24, 5pm UTC. Remember to redeem your code before June 7th, 10pm UTC.

Then make sure to grab the rest of the Unreal series at 80% off until May 29, 5pm UTC.

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Surfing the rainbow.

Runner3 is now available, DRM-free on
Can you keep up? CommanderVideo has put on his running shoes and…black overalls?, ready for another round of continuous running, sliding, and punching. Zoom through beautifully eccentric worlds filled with treacherous traps or critters that threaten to upset your rhythm and send you back at the beginning. Then again, this gives you one more chance to listen to the awesome soundtrack complimenting your moves, so why not?

Get the official Soundtrack for your collection.

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Let’s turn the page.

Visual Novels have arrived on! Our first selection includes acclaimed games, revered for their intricate artwork and stimulating stories, up to 66% off until May 29, 1pm UTC.

Higurashi When They Cry Chapters 1-5 (25% off): Spawning a popular anime and manga series, Higurashi is a “sound novel”, where meticulously designed audio plays a crucial part in these unique stories. Chapters 1-5 are available today, with Chapter 6 slated for release in the near future.

fault (50% off): Sometimes it takes a healthy dose of pulp sci-fi and a dash of fantasy to weave a powerful cinematic story about the human condition. These two episodes of the ongoing series star the perky princess Selphine and her sarcastic guardian Ritona, as they desperately try to make their way back to their homeland.

Sunrider series (66% off): An alternate universe, intergalactic strife, mech combat, high school, and love all around. Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius (free!), Liberation Day, and Sunrider Academy are a beloved and unique mix of strategy, romance, and visual novel. De-censor patch optional, but come on.

eden* (66% off): Stock up on tissues. This critically-acclaimed love story on a dying planet is a real tear-jerker told with stunning cinematic flair. Humanity is about to be wiped out by a red star but this story is destined to stick around for much longer.

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The new update for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is now available on PC, Xbox One and PS4!

With this update, our main focus was to change cards with the Create ability, as well as to adjust the Swap mechanic. Detailed update overview can be found here.

Full list of changes:

• Swap abilities no longer trigger during redraw phases, so Swap’s definition has been changed to: Move a card from hand to deck and draw another in its place during your turn.

•Provocation (Black Blood) ability has changed to: Create any Bronze Necrophage or •Vampire and boost it by 2.
•Doppler’s ability has changed to: Spawn a random Bronze unit from your faction.
•Olgierd von Everec’s ability has changed to: Deathwish: Resurrect this unit on a random row.
•Olgierd von Everec’s power changed from 9 to 5.

•Devana Runestone will now be able to Create both Silver and Bronze cards.

•Stribog Runestone will now be able to Create both Silver and Bronze cards.

Northern Realms:
•Zoria Runestone will now be able to Create both Silver and Bronze cards.
•Winch’s ability has changed to: Boost all Machine units on your side by 3.
•Dun Banner’s ability has changed to: If you are losing by more than 25 on turn start, •Summon this unit to a random row.

•Morana Runestone will now be able to Create both Silver and Bronze cards.
•Elven Scout’s ability has changed to: Swap a card.
•Elven Scout’s power changed from 1 to 10.
•Wardancer’s ability will no longer trigger during redraw phases.
•Vrihedd Vanguards’s ability will no longer trigger during redraw phases.
•Brouver Hoog’s ability has changed to: Play a non-Spying Silver unit or Bronze Dwarf from your deck.

•Dazhbog Runestone will now be able to Create both Silver and Bronze cards.
•Slave Driver’s ability has changed to: Set an ally’s power to 1 and deal damage to an enemy by the amount of power …read more

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Listen to the whispers, not the shouts.

It is believed that certain games hold such mystical appeal that secret societies are formed around them to protect their unique qualities from the unappreciative masses. Thankfully, they are not very good at their job. With little effort, we managed to infiltrate their ranks and snatch several of those cult classics to share with you in this Weekly Sale. Of course, it helped that several of our people were already members.

A pioneer of the FMV adventure genre, The 7th Guest remains a chilling, challenging, and fascinating journey through the creepy mansion of the eccentric toymaker Henry Stauff.

Remastered for modern audiences, Battlezone 98 Redux remains one of the most innovative RTS/FPS hybrids around, with a fascinating sci-fi spin to the events surrounding the “space race” of the 1960s.

The Weekly Sale ends May 28, 10 PM UTC.

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Contains about 73% greed.

Turmoil – The Heat Is On DLC is now available, DRM-free on, 17% off until May 25, 2pm UTC.
Fan the flames of your oil rush with new challenges, new opportunities, and undiscovered treasures! Become the leading oil tycoon of a new town and experiment with the innovative drilling mechanics that use magma, a newly introduced substance coming straight from the belly of the earth. Remember: you can’t get filthy rich without getting some oil on your hands.

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Knowing is half the bu–battle.

Some sales just dominate the scene with their sheer firepower and panache, like our PDXCON Sale full of Paradox heavy-hitters. Take a look around, however, and you can catch some equally enticing deals that deserve not just your attention, but the most important commodity of all: your precious gaming time! Let us swing the spotlight towards their direction.

The celebrated survival/FPS series S.T.A.L.K.E.R. will make your Geiger counter and pulses go crazy, especially with that nuclear 75% discount that runs until May 23rd, 10pm UTC.

Slightly less scary but greatly entertaining, Tooth and Tail features a furious ensemble of furry animals engaged in RTS slaughter, now updated to support crossplay between Steam, GOG, and PS4 users. Oh, it’s also 33% off until May 24th, 10pm UTC.

Then again, if you want your deals more upbeat, go for BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien with its groovy 80% discount until May 22nd, 3pm UTC.

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