Flash Deals return • King of Fighters 2002 giveaway • GOG Connect • Deals up to -90%

Joy and prosperity! We wish you great games and happiness, and hope that these words stay with you in 2018 and beyond – in the Year of the Dog.

Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year, Spring Festival… regardless of what you call it, it calls for celebration! And so we bring hundreds of deals on games you should play in The Year of the Dog, a game giveaway, new GOG Connect wonders, and spectacular Flash Deals for that long-missing thrill of the hunt.
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Come by the GOG.com front page and grab King of Fighters 2002 – free for 48 hours, until February 15, 2 PM UTC. A classic NeoGeo arcade fighter, King of Fighters 2002 is beloved for its broad roster of fighters and intense competitive gameplay, earning it a spot in the “Top Ten Video Game List” by Japan’s arcade-gaming magazine, Monthly Arcadia.

Remember Flash Deals? They’re back on GOG.com! Relive the anticipation, the satisfaction, that feeling when you get a ridiculous deal right before it’s gone. Flash Deals come and go every hour – starting with Deus Ex GOTY Edition (-85%), Vikings – Wolves of Midgard (-70%), This War of Mine Soundtrack Edition (-80%), Thief Gold (-85%), and Shadowrun Hong Kong – Extended Edition Deluxe (-80%).
Look out for more sudden bursts of savings with Tropico 5 (-80%), Shadow Warrior 2 Deluxe (-65%), Thimbleweed Park (-30%), Icewind Dale: EE (-80%) and many more popping up throughout the sale!

Plus hundreds more deals all throughout our Chinese New Year celebrations, including Hellblade (-30%), Stardew Valley (-33%), Cuphead (-15%), Divinity: Original Sin 2 (-10%), lest we forget The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (-60%), and more as cheap as 90% off.

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Funny how falling feels like flying…for a little while.

The Fall Part 2: Unbound is now available DRM-free, on GOG.com.

Grab Part 2 until February 27 to get The Fall Part 1 for free! If you already own Part 1, please reach out to support to get a key you can gift to a friend.

Uncaring. Uncompromising. Unbound. Just as you were ready to forge your own path as an independent AI, a human “user” attempts to remotely compromise your functions for their own purposes. The only thing in your mind now is freedom at all costs. Use several hosts to explore, solve puzzles, fight, and eventually destroy whoever is behind this.

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Pick a team, watch the stream, win FREE games!

Grab a seat, everyone, The GOG Games are about to begin and you wouldn’t want to miss the highlights. Containing very little snow but plenty of show, The GOG Games last between February 12-24 and are celebrating the competitive aspect of several games on the GOG.com catalog!

Tune in on twitch.tv/gogcom, which is going to act as the hub throughout the whole event, and warm up by following the training sessions starting today at 7 PM with Spellforce 3. Our GOG.com Stream Team and several partners and friends (including some preeeetty big names) will be on the pitch and watching them clash should help you decide which team to support. That’s right, our streamers will be split in 4 teams, each representing a fictional country (Arstotzka, Morrowind, Nilfgaard, and Planeptune). Check the info in the twitch.tv/gogcom page for the full list of competitors.

For the next 12 days, there will be training sessions and competitions in celebrated games, all of which you can watch on twitch.tv/gogcom. Fame, glory, and precious medals are on the line and you can pledge your allegiance to the nation of your choice using our widget below.
The more medals your favorite nation wins, the more FREE games will be raffled for their loyal supporters at the end of the event!

Here are the games participating in The GOG Games:

· Unreal Tournament 2004 (grand finale on February 24th!)
· Spellforce 3
· Heroes of Might and Magic 3
· Project Zomboid
· Worms W.M.D.
· Ashes of Singularity: Escalation
· Epic Pinball
· The Witcher 2
· Cuphead
· GOGlinaire (“Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” but with GOG games trivia)
· Dungeons & Dragons Pen and Paper – The Deadly Edition

Vote for your favorite team!

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Four THQNordic heavy hitters.

A quartet of hotly anticipated THQNordic games is coming soon, DRM-free to GOG.com.

This is the Police II: As the sequel to one of the most gritty crime thrillers of last year, it promises to bring even more dramatic decisions, questionable methods of law enforcement, and violent bloodletting, this time set in the cold, unforgiving North.

Darksiders III: Taking over from her brothers War and Death, the agile Fury unleashes herself upon The Seven Deadly Sins, determined to whiplash some balance back into this wretched world. Hack-n-slash action peppered with platforming antics and puzzles, all done in the stunning signature artstyle of the series? Yes, please.

Fade to Silence: A survival RPG channeling that unmistakable The Thing ambiance. Become the leader of a damned group of survivors, scrounging for supplies in a frozen wasteland where terrible horrors roam and the cold never lets up.

Biomutant: Small, agile, genetically flexible and a master of the martial arts. Your tiny warrior is ready to roam this beautiful but cruel post-apocalyptic world seeking his destiny, the next helpful mutation, or a sweet piece of gear.

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Tales from the CRT.

With our Horror Show Sale in full swing, the mood is pretty spooky around here. Dozens of creepy, ghoulish, and downright terrifying games are out to get you – but only if you get them first! In keeping with this spirit, some scary bedtime reading is in order.

Last Halloween, our friends at RETRO Videogame Magazine put together a hair-raising issue, which included several articles relevant to the scariest time of the year. Today, you can download and keep this issue in digital form by going to their store, adding it to your cart and then using the code R137BX2NYFTT or KM6R321C4WQE.

To get later issues, either in digital or physical form, you can subscribe to their patreon campaign or website.

The Horror Show Sale lasts until February 13, 11PM UTC.

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Engineering a productive future.

Rise of Industry is now available at 15% off until February 16, 3PM UTC.
There is no force in the universe more interested in pushing the world forward than the industrialist. In this upcoming tycoon game, you become that force. Raising factories, setting up trade routes, researching new technologies or arranging transport for your raw materials is how you will expand your early 20th-century empire in this unpredictable, procedurally-generated world.

Note: This game is currently in development. See the FAQ to learn more about games in development, and check out the forums to find more information and to stay in touch with the community.

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A new update is now available for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game.

With this update we’ve focused on introducing balance changes, as well as adding numerous game fixes and tooltip improvements to the game. Additionally, we’ve launched a weekend discount on transmutation of Premium Cards – until Monday, February 12th, 12 PM CET you will be able to upgrade cards to their Premium version for half of their transmutation cost.

-Cards which previously used the phrase “wherever they are” now use “in hand, deck, and on board”.
-Cards now use the term “toggle” to indicate that Lock, Spying, and Resilience statuses can be both added and removed.

-Players will be now able to abandon and reroll one of their Daily Quests!
-Celebrate the Chinese New Year with the Lunar New Year Bundle!

There’s also a detailed overview describing all card changes introduced in this update and the reasoning behind it. If you are interested in the full patch notes, you can find them here.

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No light, no light.

Lighthouse: The Dark Being is now available DRM-free, only on GOG.com.

A first-person adventure by masters of classic point & clicks, Sierra On-Line. What goes on inside that eerie lighthouse, occupied by the eccentric Dr. Krick and his little daughter? The mysterious message on your answering machine prompts you to enter, only to find its inhabitants gone. Violently transported to a parallel universe by a malevolent entity, their only hope now is that you’ll cross to the other side, overcome the devious puzzles, and bring them back safely.

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Into the spirit of things.

Goetia is now available DRM-free at 60% off until February 15, 2PM UTC.

This is the tale of little Abigail.
40 years ago she passed away
But now her spirit must find a way
To solve the puzzles, unlock all doors
Unearth the secrets, that haunt these halls
For evil now lurks in Blackwood Manor
Her family’s gone, and so’s the glamor
Will you give help to a lonely ghost?
Or is her sad story truly lost?

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A snarky parrot. A stylish hook. A shrinking pocket ship?

Treasure Adventure World is now available at 5% off. If Treasure Adventure Game is in your GOG.com library – then double that discount and get 10% off!
The ambitious sequel to beloved indie hit Treasure Adventure Game (which you can and should grab for free), Treasure Adventure World takes you into an open island full of wonders. Fun platforming, tricky puzzles and Peep’s own secret past await you, probably hidden among this giant pile of unclaimed treasures and secrets!

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