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Duke Nukem 3D Dukematch User MapsOne of the reasons Duke Nukem 3D has been such a successful game for almost two decades now is due to the tremendous amount of user created content, much of which is made by regular players like yourself. Here you will find a growing repository of Dukematch user maps, including the classics along with brand new content. You can still find the old school Duke Nukem 3D download database by clicking the following link: Duke Nukem 3D Maps and Downloads

| 1/05/2015 Update |

If you would like to see a simple list of of the maps without the screenshots, etc, visit this page. 



This map is a Doom tribute/dedication and the design was mainly inspired by Doom 3 although nothing is exact. I also have added some surprises which include a few of my personal favorite areas from Doom 1 knee deep in the dead episode and one spot from Doom 2 level 1, almost making this the Ultimate Doom map! I used my prgram called cubase it is music software for producing to get all sounds out of DNF.

*Story* : The Doom marine has left his hellified space base abandoned because he is out working on Doom4 those alien ba*♥♥♥♥♥ know it is a good time to take over his base. While he is away his base is being attacked and if it takes to long the base will be Forever Doomed and un fixable. So he contacts the one guy who fits the description of being able to save the day Mr. Duke Nukem. Mission: Explode the archives buildings so the aliens can’t hack the computers system and clear out any aliens for a safe return of the Doom marine .

Sp: yes
Dm: yes 8 players best for 4-8 many things to open the map up and get around fast
co op : yes supports 8 but since i placed weapons for dm they appear in mp co op aswell

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GranjaNukem Duke Nukem 3D Map

Author: Vandclash

‘The barn of Duke Nukem. Good for 3 or more players.

This map has the following features:

-All weapons
-All items (except boots)
-A building with 3 floors
-A house
-A granary
-An old pickup
-A tractor
-Three big trees
-Underwater Connections
-Vegetables (It just aesthetic)’

Download474 downloads

64Painkiller Duke Nukem 3D Map

Author: dukenukem64

I built this map with many inspirations from the game Painkiller level 1 the cemetery. Happy Halloween! The megaton version is different from the eduke32 version for fps control for those with slower pcs. For the all out version try playing eduke version. You need to take it slow and check around every grave stone for ammo and health

Story: It’s Halloween and there have been reports of evil souls and demonic figures killing anyone in there path and making them join there army of darkness. Heavens hero or Hell’s janitor Daniel Garner can’t be found, word has been released that he is possessed to stay into a deep slumber forever. There is only one person with the balls of steel to go to the demonic cemetery where it all began and find his tomb for an awakening. Mr. Nukem has been contacted and when asked if he could do the job his only reply was “i see dead people”. Only the Painkiller possesses the weapon to collect there souls and put them back in there place…. HELL !

Mission: Awaken the Painkiller Daniel Garner by exploding his coffin in the underground tomb this will free his spirit.

Tester : bullerbuller7

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BULLS Duke Nukem 3D Map

/// Duke Nukem 3D – BuLLs Map ///

Title : Bulls
Filename : Bulls.MAP
Author : Vedran Jelenic
E-mail :
HomeTown : Zagreb / CROATIA

>>> Feel free to send me your comments & sugestions … !?!

Description : Hm, this is something like basketball
hall for training of the Chicago Bulls.
The map is good for 2 and more players DM.

My other Duke-Maps …

Down For Life – DFL.MAP
Face To Face – F2F.MAP *
Street Justice – STREETJ.MAP
Labirint – LABIRINT.MAP *
Fight Fire With Fire – FIGHTFWF.MAP *
Home, Sweet Home – HOMESH.MAP
Front – FRONT.MAP *

* = DukeMatch ONLY

Additional Credits to : Allan Scott, Fearicon etc …


*** Play Information

Single Player : No ( you can walk around and play with yourself )
Cooperative : No
DukeMatch Level : YES … !!!
Difficulty Settings : Not implemented

*** Construction

Base : New level from scratch
Build Time : 2 days
Editor(s) used : Build
Known Bugs : If you find any, please E-mail me.

*** Copyright / Permissions

– Authors MAY NOT use BULLS.MAP as a base to build additional levels.
– You MAY distribute BULLS.MAP provided you include this file, with
no modifications.
– You may distribute BULLS.MAP in any electronic format ( BBS, Diskette,
CD etc. ) as long as you include this TXT intact.
– You MAY include BULLS.MAP in any GROUP complitations.
– You may not alter the level in any way.

*** Where to get this MAP file

DeAd mEaT’s DUKE NUKEM 3D Zone *

Mike Miller’s Duke Nukem 3D Site *

ELITEGAMES.COM – Duke Nukem 3D Pages *

… etc …

> January 19, 1997.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-> JeL <=-=-=-

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Turok2 Duke Nukem 3D map

Duke match version of Turok 2 cut short to fit better.Surely wont forget about my Dukematchers out there. It’s time to make tracks
works for 8 player
no atomics no portable medkits just battle.

Tester: The Duke returns, bullerbuller7

Music: Turok 2 soundtrack “River of Souls”

Download445 downloads Duke Nukem 3D Map

This is a old ladder map from the mid 90’s, octogon shaped arena with rpg’s at every player start, and 4 medpacks on a 6 foot platform, be mindfull not to kill your self, this is for Pro RPG users who want a good arena to duke it out in.

Recommended for 1vs1, 3-8 player free for all.

Download400 downloads Duke Nukem 3D Map

Original description: This map is intended to provide hours of Dukematching fun. We used The “Star Wars Technical Journal” by Shane Johnson as the basis for the floorplan, but had to make some changes in order to improve the Dukematch action. There is lots o’ detail, and we tried to stay true to the “Star Wars” theme as much as we could. We put in Star Destroyers, “Two of ’em, comin’ right at us!” and we put pipe bombs on the edge of the maininence pit in the forward compartment to represent the “hyrdo-spanners” that fell on Han Solo’s head in “Empire”. Unfortunately, we couldn’t figure out a way to put in the smuggling compartments without having players falling into them over and over, so we left them out. We tried to make the level actually match the scale of DUKE3D, unlike some maps we’ve seen with eight-foot-wide doors and four-foot-tall light switches. A favorite tactic of ours is to put a laser trip bomb in the door frame of the escape pods, and the next person to open it gets blown down to 13% health or so… (There’s only two escape pods because Han ejected the rest in order to make the Imperials think the Falcon was abandoned when it was pulled onto the first Death Star.) Unless you set it on Let’s Rock, you can only get the laser trips and pipe bombs. In order to avoid slowdown, the freezer is only available on Come Get Some, recommended for those of you with deathwishes and P166’s. The hyperdrive motivator is located in the center of the ship, and we reccomend that you don’t shoot it, because the whole ship starts to come apart if you do. And because you REALLY don’t want to get Chewie mad after all the time he spent fixing it. =[ Original authors: Edward “Scorpion” Davis & Aaron “Deino” Gwin

Download423 downloads

Duke Nukem 3D DN64 Shaft

This is a Duke match map from Duke Nukem 64, it is a space like map with water. After many texture,sound, and sprite fixes i have made this map available to play on Megaton

Credits can go to Fox and Nukey for ripping the maps, plus Bill Becham and Kev Harvey from Eurocom for making the maps.

Download409 downloads

TurokMade in 2014 : 
Turok map is based off of my memories of playing Turok (especially the N64 versions) and not a specific map. Turoks homeland has been taken over by aliens the government say’s it is to risky to send soldiers in to help a fellow hero since it is in an uncharted area and they are unaware to what dangers lie ahead. Duke loads his pistol and says “Go ahead make my day” as he begins a mission only he can do. Duke wont let this happen to a fellow hero. 

Duke Nukem:Dinosaur Hunter (Level 1) 

Single Player : The map is different then normal maps. It is a strate forward type of map with vertical gameplay this gameplay was built on purpose to feel like an adventure/journey of traveling from one place to another like Turok. 

Co op: Supports 8 players 

Tester : bullerbuller7 (special thanks) 

Music : Turok Dinosaur hunter main theme


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DN64HollywoodThis is the DN64 version of Hollywood Holocuast map, it is pretty much an upgraded version of Hollywood with a new secret inlcuded. I have added some of my own details to the map the stuff i added doesn’t effect the gameplay only the look it was just to make it even cooler. After many texture,sound, and sprite fixes I have made this map available to play on Duke 3D.  To see on Steam follow this link

Testers:MrGameZ and MrRumbeRoses

Music: Stalker theme from Duke Nukem Reloaded

Download561 downloads

PiracyThis is a Duke match map from Duke Nukem 64, it is based from the map “Babe Land” pretty much an upgrade of the level and its cut in half to fit better for Duke matches. After many texture,sound, and sprite fixes i have made this map available to play on Megaton. Play now on steam  or download straight from GravelPit!

Download416 downloads

castleDukensteinThis is a Duke match map from Duke Nukem 64, it is a parody of Castle Wolfenstein and is a great map for DM. After many texture, sound, and sprite fixes i have made this map available to play on Megaton it’s not only for the 64 version anymore! Play now on steam or download straight from GravelPit !

Download507 downloads

duke 3d buller stadium

Made in 2014: A map made from Bullerbuller7 made to resemble a real size football stadium. While trying to limit the pistol use there are no pistol clips. Map is divine on detail and should be good for DM. Weapons are setup almost everywhere good for 2-8 players. Single player is added so you can run around alone and check it out without having to host a Dm

Music : Lenoman grabbag from DNF

Tester : Duke64

Download520 downloads


Made in 2014: Download on Steam or from here

A map that takes place in a grungy city at night that has been taken over by aliens, with a Duke Nukem visits Baltimore type of feel. Duke plans to check in on his house he owns in the city but things are all wrong. I added a “Gun Crazy” building and a stripper place named after Duke Nukem Zero Hours “The Booby Trap” also The title of the map is based on Duke Nukem Zero Hours “Mean streets” level. But is not a remake in anyway. Hope you enjoy

Single player : Duke needs to take the city back from the aliens that have made this place there home and who ever is in charge needs to pay for that. Make sure to stop at Gun Crazy for all the good stuff you will need to make it through this infestation.
-blue card
-yellow card
-red card
boss fight
4 secrets

Coop- Good for up to 5 players and theres enough aliens to share. But the weapons i have placed are for multiplayer DM so in co op there will be a hole lot of ammo xD

Duke Match- Good for up to 8 players best with 4 and up. The map is made to fit for Duke match with a tactical yet easy to find weapons and players nature. Weapons are everywhere won’t ever be searching. Players decide where the battle can take place.

Music: Duke Nukems Zero Hour Mean Streets theme

Tester: Bullerbuller7

Download418 downloads

GhostTown Made in 2014 :
A map somewhat based from the single player level Ghost Town featured in Duke Nukem Forever and Zero Hour. Nothing is an exact duplicate and is all made by me. Features a house named “Gun Crazy” (which is my own parody of the DN64) and a few other cool places. You could find the key cards and just keep going or have fun exploring the many secrets, routes, cracks portals and enemies the map has. Supports Single player/ Coop/ DM. Bullerbuller7 was my tester and helped alot.

Single Player: Duke is on his way home flying over the desert when his ride is shot down once again! They are going to have to pay for that to. Duke lands in a desert town filled with ghostly spirits but of course isn’t scared. He has to fight his way out of this haunting. Before Duke himself is a ghost also.

Coop: good for 2-4 players

Duke Match: Good for 2-8 players and is a great size made for DM with alot of weapons and pick up to get.

Music: Duke Nukem Zero Hour’s “Ghost Town” theme

Tester: Bullerbuller7

Can be downloaded on the steam workshop as well.

Download397 downloads



kitchen2You’re a tiny Duke, in a huge war! This is a rat map for Duke Nukem 3D which takes place in a kitchen. It is a Dukematch only map and can support up to 8 players. actually got some some airtime in the Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition Multiplayer Release Trailer, check it out if you have the chance!

Download350 downloads duke nukem 3d dukematch deathmatch mapThis is a DM map that I ported from Shadow Warrior. It was not an official map but it is super fun so I figured I would post it up here. Surprisingly, it took much longer than I expected. It uses some custom sounds and gives off great atmosphere, along with fast action gameplay!

Generally, we usually meet in the Dojo. 😀

Hope you enjoy it!

Download380 downloads

duke edge duke nukem 3d user map

Created by: Robman
August: 2013

In 2013 I created The Edge (q2dm1) from scratch for Shadow Warrior.
This is a convertion of the Sw Map. I tried to keep the design true to the original Quake 2 map.
Took me about 24 hours of creation and testing for the original map, and an additional 10 hours to get it fully converted to work with Duke3d. The lighting effect and the sprite elevator works better with eduke32 however the map also works fine with x/h and original Duke.

Finch(Sonar), on Meltdown gave me the idea to convert the map, so I bumbled around with the Duke tagging system which I’ve never used and tried to get it working. It should be mentioned though that the first map I ever created was for Duke 16 years ago, it was very basic with no sector effects the rest of my mapping has been for Sw. I hope you Dukers enjoy the map 🙂

Visit Shadow Warrior Central or
2 URLs same great site( I created it, Sw Rocks ;)’

Download382 downloads

Feeling the winter blues? Duke it out at the local pool in a sunny, bright pool environment. 😀 This is a map I released in January of 2014, updating it for nearly a month afterwards here and there. Features diving boards, main pool, childrens pool, concessions, restrooms, and a locker changing area! With the objective to foster in your face DM, this is a fast paced map geared for 2-6 players. Enjoy!

Download347 downloads duke nukem 3d map

This is a map I made in February of 2014. It’s meant to be a stadium type map that lets people get some elevation as well as offering some close-quarters areas. It’s for Dukematch, 2-8 players although it is much more fun with a full house. The map is available in the downloads section or in the Steam Workshop if you have Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition. (If you do have the Megaton Edition, make sure you are using the Workshop for all of your mapping needs.)

Let me know what you think!

Download376 downloads