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Cocktails and dystopian tales

VA-11 Hall-A, a bar frequented by the most intriguing patrons of dystopian Glitch City, is open now for Windows, Mac, and Linux DRM-free on

Everyday life is controlled by an oppressive regime, hope is fading, and personal liberty is an unattainable commodity. People need someone to share their burdens with and who better than the bartender of a downtown joint that attracts the most diverse, colorful clientele? You are that bartender and these are your people. Mix them their favorite drink, offer a sympathetic ear, and watch their stories unfold. Every drink you prepare might stir the narrative a different way and change the lives of your customers. All you need to do is help loosen their tongue and lighten their mood – then all their secrets will be yours.

Keep the drinks and the story flowing as you tend to the distressed partons of the VA-11 Hall-A bar, available now DRM-free on

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Guilt never truly dies.

Deadlight: Director’s Cut, the enhanced edition of the moody, zombie-blasting side scroller, is available now, DRM-free on with a 15% launch discount.

It’s 1986 and the world has ended. Half-eaten corpses fill the streets, as scavengers move about like shadows, looking for the means or a reason to stay alive in this hellish reflection of Seattle. Randall Wayne already has a reason: his family is out there and to reach them he is prepared to blast, punch, or blow up every last bastard that dares stand in his way – undead or otherwise.
The brutal encounters and the tense chase sequences now feel smoother than ever, as Director’s Cut brings more responsive controls and additional animations. Whenever you feel like stepping out of the wonderfully oppressive story, you can fire up the added Survival Arena mode to cut down the zombie hordes with new devastating weapons and conquer the leaderboards. It’s definitely something to reminisce when you browse through the Developer Diaries or the atmospheric art-book.

Delve deep into the bleak world of flesh-eating shadows with Deadlight: Director’s Cut, available now DRM-free on The 15% discount will last until June 28, 06:59 AM UTC.

Twitch alert + Giveaway
Join Outstarwalker on on Tuesday, June 21, 4 PM UTC/ 12 PM EDT for some post apocalyptic action and a chance to win 5 codes of Deadlight: Director’s Cut, courtesy of Deep Silver.

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How many GOGlins does it take to get a balloon in the shape of Robert Frost?

Working as a group is usually about efficiency, coordination, and emergent camaraderie. But mostly it’s about silly, anarchic fun! And that’s exactly what Twitch Plays is: a hilarious collective effort to play a game using the input of everyone who participates. You can either contribute by issuing simple commands in the chat or just sit back and watch the madness unfold.

Join us today for the second spectacular GOG Plays event on and help us achieve greatness in Grim Fandango Remastered. The objective? To get a balloon in the shape of Robert Frost!

If we complete the challenge, every user will get 300 XP, regardless of whether they participated or not. An 100 XP boost will be handed out as consolation prize should we fail our objective. But that’s not gonna happen. Right?

The Grim Fandango Remastered event begins Sunday, June 19, at 4:00 PM UTC and will last for six hours. Bring your balloons!

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The ultimate page-turner.

Dreamfall Chapters – Book 5: REDUX, the climactic conclusion to an evocative journey that begun 16 years ago, is available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux, DRM-free on with a 67% discount or FREE for those who earn enough XP during the Summer Sale.

It all began when an art student discovered that she had the power to travel between worlds. Then we discovered that these worlds were full of gripping stories, compelling characters, breathtaking places, and dramatic encounters. Now this epic journey, full of emotional twists and turns, is coming to its long-awaited conclusion. It’s time to say goodbye to this imaginative worlds first introduced in The Longest Journey, where science, magic and the realm of dreams collide.
You only need to ask yourself one question: Are you ready to find out what awaits at the end of this emotional journey?

The Special Edition comes packed with some amazing bonus content, such as a digital art-book, a FLAC soundtrack, and short stories based on this rich universe. If you’re not ready to commit just yet, you can pick up the upgrade later on.

Reach the end of this fateful journey with Dreamfall Chapters – Book 5: REDUX, available now DRM-free on The 67% discount will last for the duration of the Summer Sale.

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Which games are keeping you company this weekend?

With the Summer Sale finale kicking off, everybody is trying to sort out their ever-growing backlog and of course add some more games to it in the process. During this housekeeping, some games inevitably jump out of the pile and stare right at you, begging for attention.

So which games are keeping you busy this weekend?
Go on, share your Weekend Playlists with us. They can include single-player games, multiplayer games, console exclusives, anything – we are not judging. In fact, we are sharing too!

Looking for some inspiration, perhaps? The releases of the week are here for you:

– You can get chased and shot at through cyberspace and meatspace as Dex.
– You can help a guardian spirit heal his aching land in Ori and the Blind Forest.
– You can revisit the massively updated and massively addictive Defender’s Quest DX.
– You can make sure nobody messes with America ever again in Broforce.
– You can manufacture tons of warfare-ready products in Factorio.
– You can defend your base and make sure the abominable hordes fall right into your Deathtrap.
– You can guide mankind through its first intergalactic steps in Galactic Civilizations III: Rise of the Terrans.
– You can build fortifications and try to outlast your opponents in Ashes of the Singularity: Turtle Wars
– You can top the league with your perfectly-managed team in Frozen Cortex.

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Death becomes you.

NECROPOLIS a merciless action/roguelite where death is its own reward, is now available for pre-order, for Windows and Mac, DRM-free on

Who doesn’t enjoy a spectacular, brutal, educational death? Especially if it’s permanent, which means all your hard-earned or crafted gear, your elixirs, and any trust you had in your friends now lie shattered on the floor of an accursed, constantly-shifting dungeon.
But it also means that you get to start fresh, armed with more knowledge, better-honed skills, and additional upgrades available. So you’ve got no excuse if you die again. And again. And again. And then maybe drop in somebody else’s playthrough or have them drop in yours so that you can die together this time. And one time after that. Then two more. Yes that’s it, you’re getting the hang of this now.

Pre-order NECROPOLIS, the unforgivingly cheeky dungeon-crawler, DRM-free on The game is expected to be released on July 12.

Word on the street:
“Turns out life after death is pretty deadly :/ ” – Ronnie The Adventurer
“Do you feel lucky, punk?” – Snid The Monster
“Nope, there’s just no way to beat that first boss”- Dark Souls veteran

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Use your cortex to dominate the courts.

Frozen Cortex, a turn-based sports management game, is available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux, DRM-free on, with a 75% launch discount.

Competitive sports are not unlike war: they require deep strategic thinking, surgical execution, adaptiveness, creativity, and the occasional stroke of luck. Frozen Cortex, the spiritual successor of Frozen Synapse, lets you engage in all that as you manage your team and your custom-made players on the road to victory. Building your roster can be just as important as guiding their positions and actions on the playfield, and if you ever get tired of the four single-player modes, you can fight your friends for the coveted title of the ultimate Frozen Cortex champion. After all, you do have that free extra copy that’s waiting to be gifted…

Play hard ball and dominate the tactical fields of Frozen Cortex, DRM-free on If you are addicted to the soundtrack or crave some additional customization, make sure to grab the Soundtrack Tier, the Mega Tier, or the Ultimate Tier. The 75% discount will last for the duration of the Summer Sale.

In the press:
“Frozen Cortex is one of the deepest strategic experiences on PC” – PC Gamer
“Its distilled tension makes each match feel like the best of sport and strategy gaming” – Rock Paper Shotgun
“Another brilliant slice of strategy from Mode 7” – Eurogamer

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Who is going to crack first?

Ashes of the Singularity – Turtle Wars, a collection of new scenarios and maps full of defensive opportunities, is available now, DRM-free on with GOG Galaxy support for achievements and multiplayer.

Feel the power of turtling! War is not just about going out guns blazing but also about defending your position, building effective fortifications, and holding off the enemies banging at your gates. This DLC adds four new gameplay scenarios, including Eruption, where you must use limited resources and defensive tactics to regain the advantage in battle, and Turtle Wars, an intense siege mode where you must survive the relentless waves of enemy frigates. Coupled with four new maps that let you further explore your ability to outlast your opponents or exploit the cracks in their defenses, Turtle Wars is the ultimate package for those seeking to diversify their playstyle and take on new challenges.

Go on the defensive and get ready for some intense, highly strategic Turtle Wars, DRM-free on

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Humans dip their toes into the sea of space

Galactic Civilizations III: Rise of the Terrans, the story of the founding and early struggles of the Terran Alliance, is available now, DRM-free on

The universe is a pretty big place. Full of diverse galactic civilizations, divided under the common goal of exploring, conquering, and dominating it. The Terran Alliance is one such force, but how did it reach its current status? How did the other races greet mankind’s early intergalactic steps? Rise of the Terrans lets you explore that turning point in our history as you strive to build an empire, make the right choices, and deal with the overwhelming threats that arise from this expansion. Can you convince the other civilizations to make some space for the Terrans?

Delve into an intriguing prequel campaign that chronicles the Rise of the Terrans, DRM-free on

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Mass-produced fun.

Factorio, a labyrinth of interconnected conveyor belts and machinery of your own design, is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, DRM-free on

What is it that separates humans from wild beasts and secures us the top spot on the pyramid? Isn’t it our capacity for technological advancement, the ingenuity to build more and more complex machines and automate progress?
That’s exactly what you’ll need to do once you find yourself stranded on a hostile alien planet: start small, gather your first materials by hand, then build machines to help you mass-produce what you need, including more machines. But what you desperately need is guns, turrets, walls – something to protect yourself and your sprawling production lines from the local wildlife who doesn’t agree with your presence here.
Before the game is fully released, Wube Software LTD., the team behind Factorio, are also planning on cleaning up the GUI even further and implement a multiplayer matching server, which will enhance the fun and chaotic situations you can create with your friends even further.

Build a massive microcosm of fine-tuned production lines and keep the beasts away from your Factorio, DRM-free on

Note: This game is currently in development. See the FAQ to learn more about games in development, and check out the forums to find more information and to stay in touch with the community.

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