Hey GOGlins, let’s share our Weekend Playlists – Round 6!

Classic Games

Which games are keeping you company this weekend?

With the Summer Sale finale kicking off, everybody is trying to sort out their ever-growing backlog and of course add some more games to it in the process. During this housekeeping, some games inevitably jump out of the pile and stare right at you, begging for attention.

So which games are keeping you busy this weekend?
Go on, share your Weekend Playlists with us. They can include single-player games, multiplayer games, console exclusives, anything – we are not judging. In fact, we are sharing too!

Looking for some inspiration, perhaps? The GOG.com releases of the week are here for you:

– You can get chased and shot at through cyberspace and meatspace as Dex.
– You can help a guardian spirit heal his aching land in Ori and the Blind Forest.
– You can revisit the massively updated and massively addictive Defender’s Quest DX.
– You can make sure nobody messes with America ever again in Broforce.
– You can manufacture tons of warfare-ready products in Factorio.
– You can defend your base and make sure the abominable hordes fall right into your Deathtrap.
– You can guide mankind through its first intergalactic steps in Galactic Civilizations III: Rise of the Terrans.
– You can build fortifications and try to outlast your opponents in Ashes of the Singularity: Turtle Wars
– You can top the league with your perfectly-managed team in Frozen Cortex.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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