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90% off bundle deal: Hotline Miami, Shadow Warrior, Serious Sam, Motivational Growth, Burning Man and more!

It wasn’t so long ago that we introduced movies to our DRM-free catalog. They’ve kept to themselves, mostly, off in their own little corner of This weekend, with a little help from our friends at Devolver Digital, we’re bringing games and movies together for one enormous integration in the Devolver Game & Watch Bundle: 10 movies, 5 games, and one melting pot of entertainment at a 90% discount if you grab it all at once (or complete your collection). You can also buy individual titles at 50% off, including:

Shadow Warrior Classic Complete and Shadow Warrior (2013) are the bloody 1997 cult classic and its modern reimagining. It’s a melee-heavy FPS series which started out in the Duke Nukem era of no-holds-barred humor and action. The 2013 reboot was a smooth transition into the current generation for a modern, but not too modern, first person shooter. If that’s not enough classically fast and furious shootin’ for you, Serious Sam First and Second Encounter are part of the bundle as well!

Hotline Miami is a maniacal retro-styled top-down action game in which an armed psychopath (you) takes on the scum of the Miami criminal underground (your prey). Limbs strewn everywhere, your foes’ remains will pulsate to the haunting soundtrack as you slaughter your way across the ultra-fast gameplay, unforgiving enemies, twisted backstory, and unique design. Hotline Miami is something you just have to see.

Motivational Growth is a little sick-to-the-head, but nonetheless an inspiring movie arguing the real importance of getting “out there” before you get too mold. A feature presentation that you shouldn’t miss.

Super Game Jam fits the bundle like a glove. It’s a package of 5 short films, and 5 short games. A documentary series following each of five developer teams in one 48-hour game jam, including a playable version of each game they created.

Pixel Poetry just became Pixel Poetry: Special Edition. The documentary surrounding the ongoing video game debate and ever-present question “Are video games art? just received a huge content upgrade with bonus interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and more goodies!

Finally, we have Burning Man: Beyond Black Rock, a documentary premiering on along with the bundle, a deep and personal look at the most famous counter-culture festival in the world, its past, and hopeful future.

Hit play to Game & Watch with 15 great Devolver Digital titles at 90% off, including Good Game, Austin High, The Basement, Stream Dream, Mars, and One Couch at a Time. You can always grab each title individually at a 50% discount as well. The combined promo will last until Tuesday, February 3 at 10:59 AM GMT.

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A few more verses.

Pixel Poetry just became Pixel Poetry: Special Edition, a documentary on the ongoing video game debate receives a huge content upgrade on You can get it 90% off until Tuesday, February 3 at 10:59 AM GMT, as part of the Devolver Game & Watch Bundle.

Pixel Poetry: Special Edition is a documentary which explores the debate surrounding video games pretty much since their conception. It seeks to answer the surprisingly difficult questions: Are video games art? Do they influence violent behavior? What effect have they had on society? The film neither advocates, nor does it criticize – instead, it attempts to analyze the arguments, and explain those which perhaps may have been misunderstood.

The Special Edition upgrade brings more insightful content to paint an even more complete picture of its subject matter. The new bonus materials include:

-The entire original film with director’s commentary.
-One Way or Another: The Making of Pixel Poetry.
-Stories from Pixel Poetry – 3 candid tales from behind-the-scenes.
-Three full sized, printable Pixel Poetry poster graphics.

Pixel Poetry: Special Edition – the most complete documentary on video games just got a bit more complete. Everyone who currently owns the movie on will be automatically upgraded to the newest version!

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Beyond the heart and soul of Burning Man.

Burning Man: Beyond Black Rock, an intimate documentary look into the historical counter-culture festival, is available now, DRM-free on You can get it 90% off until Tuesday, February 3 at 10:59 AM GMT, as part of the Devolver Game & Watch Bundle.

There are two sides to every story, that includes the Burning Man festival. Some people call it a life-changing experience, a magnificent learning opportunity, a unique setting to get in touch with your very own self. Some people prefer to just call it a bunch of dirty hippies. The truth, as is the case with most things, lies somewhere in between. Burning Man: Beyond Black Rock documents every single aspect of the counter-culture festival: the preparation, the people, the history, and even what the future may hold. Director Damon Brown and his team were given a rare opportunity to see and film the festival from inside out, spending 18 months with the organizers, founders, artists and participants contributing to one of the most counter-culture festivals in the world – all to explain not just what Burning Man is, but also what it means.

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God damn hippies!

Supreme League of Patriots: Season Pass, a point and click adventure across the jingoistic realities of American superhero culture, is available now for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. DRM-free on with a 10% launch discount!

Supreme League of Patriots: Season Pass is a politically incorrect satire through and through, a hilarious one at that. We begin with the brief story of Kyle Keever, an aspiring actor auditioning for his role in “America’s Got Superpowers” – a soon to be hit reality show. He dons his uber-patriotic garbs, an ultra-right wing mindset and… he has an accident. Thus Purple Patriot is born: superpowered and certifiably insane. He’ll stand up and fight for everything that is good in America while stamping out the evils of this world. Evils like hippies. And immigrants. If you like most things that are funny, this classical point and click adventure is sure to bring you all the joy you need, and all the justice you can carry.
Supreme League of Patriots: Season Pass includes all three episodes released so far as part of Season I.

Purple Patriot Wants You to help him with these ridiculous puzzles in Supreme League of Patriots: Season Pass, available now on The 10% launch discount will last for one week, until Thursday, February 5 at 10:59 AM GMT.

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Puzzles, action, infiltration – 1994 style.

Cyberia, an Interplay classic action adventure returns on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, available now DRM-free on!

Talk about a blast from the past. Cyberia is an action adventure classic that’s literally half action – half adventure, featuring rail-shooter action sequences as well as puzzle-adventure elements. Cyberia takes place in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk setting in which you, a hacker with a knack for trouble, must infiltrate the heavily fortified Cyberia Complex buried deep beneath frozen Russia. You will solve puzzles, face armed foes, and even pilot a futuristic fighter, all to retrieve a powerful piece of technology fallen into the wrong hands. If you succeed, you may just be able to save planet Earth from total collapse. It’s no secret that this DOS era action adventure shows its age in gameplay and difficulty – but the graphics, cutscenes and eerie sound design are all there to offer the kind of ambiance that you just won’t find in a modern video game.

Hack and infiltrate like its 1994 with Cyberia, a classic Interplay action adventure, available now DRM-free on!

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


The great Grim Fandango fan art project.

The arrival of Grim Fandango Remastered is, without a doubt, a big event for gaming – we think it calls for celebration, and what better way to honor a historic game re-release than with some good old-fashioned mortal combat… Just kidding. It’s an art contest!
Grim Fandango is well known for its film-noir inspiration combined with Mexican folklore, which make for a setting and art direction that are truly unique, not simply as far as video games go. It’s such a shame then, that so much of the game’s original assets, concept and promotional art has been lost to time.

It all starts to come together, doesn’t it? The world needs more Grim Fandango uniqueness, and you can help us make that happen. wants you to create your own piece of fan art, to make your mark on gaming history!

The basics:

  • We want you to make your own Grim Fandango fan art – draw it, photoshop it, finger paint it, whatever you think works best. Your subject matter is Grim Fandango, and that’s all we want to say.
  • We want to make poster-sized A2 prints of the 3 coolest submissions, get them signed by Tim Schafer, and give them back to the winners!
  • We want to show off the best pieces (as many as it takes) by adding them to the bonus goodies that come with Grim Fandango Remastered on
  • Give it a shot even if you’re not very artsy. Honorable mentions will receive a gift code redeemable for one game worth $5.99.
  • If that sounds like fun, see the sections below for more rules and important technical details.
  • The rewards are great.
    We’re really serious about this, so your reward will be something as unique as your art: The top three winners of our contest will receive a signed, poster-sized print of their artwork! We’ll ship your poster to Double Fine, where it will be autographed by Tim Schafer himself and then passed right on to you. We recommend locking it in a vault for all eternity, but that’s really your call.

    Feeling overwhelmed?
    No worries, we want to see everything and the rewards are many! Even if your piece isn’t the one we print, there will be runner-ups and honorable mentions aplenty. The best pieces of art will be added to Grim Fandango Remastered as a bonus digital goodie for everyone to see. How’s that for being part of history?
    We know that you’re going to pour your heart into it. Even if your artwork doesn’t quite make the cut, all honorable mentions will still receive a small thank-you: a gift code redeemable for one $5.99 game on!

    The rules are few:
    You should submit a JPG preview of your art right here in this forum thread. We’ll get in touch with the winners directly to get the high-quality originals – so remember to keep yours on-hand.

    We’ll be accepting submissions for two weeks, until Wednesday February 11, 2015 at 11:59 PM GMT. We will announce the winners one week later, on February 18, 2015. You’re encouraged to submit as many pieces as you want, but we will only choose one winning entry per person.

    If you’re serious about getting your print out there, there are some technical details to consider: Your piece will be printed on an A2 sized poster, so make sure that you maintain the correct aspect ratio. Size and resolution also matter, for good print quality don’t go below 250 DPI.

    We want to show off your creativity, so keep in mind that by participating in this contest you give us permission to include your work with the Grim Fandango Remastered bonus goodies, use it for promotional purposes – and if you’re a big winner – to print it out.

    Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


    Do it for Jar Jar!

    STAR WARS™ Starfighter™, an arcade dogfighting game set right prior to the battle of Naboo, is available now DRM-free on 20% off!

    STAR WARS™ Starfighter™ took the gameplay you know and love from the Rogue Squadron series, and brought them into the realm of Star Wars Episode 1. It’s the conflict leading up the the Battle of Naboo. You will play as Rookie Naboo pilot Rhys Dallows, mercenary Vana Sage, and alien pirate Nym, each with their unique starfighter specialised for orbital dogfights, space station assaults, and low-flying bombing runs. You will engage in over 14 varied missions across enormous open plains, far reaches of space, and tight corridors of the enemy’s control ships. Strike back against the separatist aggressors and ultimately save the peaceful planet of Naboo.

    Fast and furious arcade dogfighting in STAR WARS™ Starfighter™ is available now DRM-free on! The 20% launch discount will last for 72 hours, until Friday, January 30 at 1:59 PM GMT.

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    “Ah, one of the deluxe models.”

    Star Wars™ Republic Commando, a deep, tactical FPS widely considered one of the greatest Star Wars™ games ever, is available for Windows, now on with a 20% launch discount.

    We have mastered the force. We have fought in glorious battles, and commanded them from afar. We have watched brave heroes rise and fall as governments topple. Now how about a change of perspective?
    You are the Delta Squad, an elite commando, special forces. For most of your clone brothers, the surface battle is the objective, but you are here for a bigger reason – one that requires the pin-point precision only you can deliver. You are elite, but you are no heroes in this war, you’re just here to get the dirty jobs done.

    Star Wars™ Republic Commando is often brought up as one of the greatest Star Wars™ games of all time. It offers a dirty, inglorious perspective on the Clone Wars and wraps it in an immersive, high quality tactical FPS. Your squadmates are intelligent, they will follow orders but never get in your way, and you will have to rely on their skills to get through the increasingly unforgiving challenges that lay ahead. The idle chatter of Delta Squad and ever present sight of your helmet visor will serve as a constant reminder of who you are, and what you are here to do.

    Lead an impressively effective squad of elite clone troopers in Star Wars™ Republic Commando, available now, DRM-free on The 20% launch discount will last for 72 hours until Friday, January 30 at 1:59 PM GMT.

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    You get a lightsaber!

    Star Wars™ Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, in which you master weapons of the Jedi and face the very real temptations of the dark side, is now available for Windows, DRM-free on with a 20% launch discount.

    Dark Forces revolutionised the early days of first person shooting. Star Wars™ Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II improved on the experience in almost every imaginable regard, as the series once again established a significant milestone in 3D action gaming. If the words “You get a lightsaber” weren’t enough to get you hyped about this title back in the day, then the truly-3D environments and models, RPG elements, and unprecedented freedom of movement complemented by a varied arsenal of weapons and Force powers would have done it.

    Star Wars™ Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II is a must-play for gamers looking to experience or relive gaming history, and the treatment now makes this easier than ever. At the end of the day, it’s a game that allows you to discover the Force entirely on your own – to walk the light path of a Jedi hero, or to unlock the sheer destructive power of the dark side – and that is just plain awesome.

    Get your lightsaber and master the Force in Star Wars™ Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, available now, DRM-free on The 20% launch discount will last for 72 hours, until Friday, January 30 at 1:59 PM GMT.

    Source:: GOG – Good Old Games