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Pixel Poetry just became Pixel Poetry: Special Edition, a documentary on the ongoing video game debate receives a huge content upgrade on You can get it 90% off until Tuesday, February 3 at 10:59 AM GMT, as part of the Devolver Game & Watch Bundle.

Pixel Poetry: Special Edition is a documentary which explores the debate surrounding video games pretty much since their conception. It seeks to answer the surprisingly difficult questions: Are video games art? Do they influence violent behavior? What effect have they had on society? The film neither advocates, nor does it criticize – instead, it attempts to analyze the arguments, and explain those which perhaps may have been misunderstood.

The Special Edition upgrade brings more insightful content to paint an even more complete picture of its subject matter. The new bonus materials include:

-The entire original film with director’s commentary.
-One Way or Another: The Making of Pixel Poetry.
-Stories from Pixel Poetry – 3 candid tales from behind-the-scenes.
-Three full sized, printable Pixel Poetry poster graphics.

Pixel Poetry: Special Edition – the most complete documentary on video games just got a bit more complete. Everyone who currently owns the movie on will be automatically upgraded to the newest version!

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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