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By SyncError

We have applied a small follow-up to last week’s update.

Fixes & Updates:

  • Fixed kamikaze crash and exploit.
  • Starting Machinegun ammo reverted back from 50 to 100
  • Fixed an animation issue caused by disabling ‘Allow Taunt’
  • Fixed ‘Rewards VO’ UI menu item
  • Fixed Abort and Server buttons overlapping in Admin UI
  • Ragnarok – Fixed slide near Quad
  • Lost Paradise – Fixed hole in the map geometry by blue pg
  • Elder – Sped up the doors and platform stairs
  • Defaulted the spawn-as-spectator option off for Team Games.

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The Goggles! They do nothing!

Stealth Bastard Complete Edition, the definitive Windows release of the stealth platformer, and it’s sequel Stealth Inc. 2: Deluxe Edition are available now, DRM-free on!

Stealth Bastard (a.k.a. Stealth Inc.) is a unique mix of Splinter Cell-ish stealth, with the responsiveness and mobility brought to you by a 2D gameplay engine. Navigate dynamically lit arenas to out-maneuver and out-wallhug deadly security measures and cameras. Stay fast, stay sneaky, stay in one piece. The Complete Edition of Stealth Bastard includes all the content normally found in Stealth Bastard Deluxe, as well as the Official Soundtrack and Teleporter Chambers DLC (with 20 brand new, twisted levels). Complete with a robust level editor, Stealth Bastard Complete Edition offers huge amounts of sneaky gameplay.

Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones is the formerly Wii U-exclusive infiltration continuation, available on Windows for the first time ever. You are Weak. Useless. Expendable. Not special. Just a clone. The only hope. Trapped in a cloning facility out to destroy (or at least mock) you and your countless brethren, you’ll tackle ever-more-challenging puzzles with an evergrowing inventory of increasingly powerful gadgets. Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones is a tough, stealth platformer for the mentally fortunate.

For the biggest bang for your buck, you can pick up Stealth Inc. 2: Deluxe Edition, which includes:
Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones – the game
Stealth Bastard Complete Edition – the full package
Stealth Inc. 2 + Stealth Bastard OSTs

Stealth Bastard Complete Edition and Stealth Inc. 2: Deluxe Edition are now here, DRM-free on!

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Go, Go, Energy Patrol!

Chroma Squad, an RPG love-letter to the Power Rangers, is available now for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, DRM-free on

Your childhood fantasy come to life. Ish. If you or your kids grew up in the past several decades, the name “Power Rangers” probably resonates with you in a wave of excitement, or a cringe-induced shudder. Thanks to Chroma Squad you can now lead your own team of energy-filled world-patrollers in this nostalgia-filled TV-Show Tycoon/RPG. Make the casting-call, pick out a properly pastel wardrobe, prepare the special effects (cardboard non-optional), and control your squad in dramatic turn-based battles. Chroma Squad is a deep, tactical RPG that’s every bit as ridiculous as TV series of our childhoods.

Destroy the city to save the city in Chroma Squad, available today, DRM-free on!

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt live combat, gameplay mechanics, and more, with developer commentary and a Q&A session, are coming live to!

This coming Tuesday, and CD PROJEKT RED invite you to a special live event at the Twitch channel.

We will be showcasing 45 minutes of live gameplay with Łukasz “LUq” Wnęk, Counter-Strike 1.6 legend currently working at CD PROJEKT RED, taking control of Geralt. He will be joined by Level Designer Miles Tost, who will provide developer commentary for the new footage focused on combat and gameplay mechanics including melee and long-distance combat, alchemy, exploration, monster hunting, and means of travel.

Once the gameplay portion of the stream is finished, we will hold a live Q&A session on the air. Miles Tost will take the time to respond to live comments coming in via Twitch chat, as well as to select questions from the community forums! It’s a rare opportunity to ask about all the saucy details of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt development.

During the event, you can expect a Witcher lore contest, in which you will have the chance to exchange your Geralt-related knowledge for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt t-shirts, with a little help from Twitch chat and your friendly neighborhood postal worker.

If you have questions for the folks at CD PROJEKT RED about the upcoming Witcher game, you can submit them right here in this thread. You have until Monday, May 4th, at 10:59AM GMT to submit your questions – we’ll need some time to select the most interesting ones to throw at the devs during the live chat!

The live event will begin on Tuesday, May 5th, at 6pm GMT / 2pm EDT / 11am PDT at Follow our channel to get an email alert when we go live. …read more

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Time flies.

Toren, an experimental puzzle-adventure, is available to pre-order for Windows, DRM-free on with a 10% discount.

A child was born, Moonlight, destined to unlock the mysteries of a tower known as Toren. She sets off on a dark-fantasy adventure that focuses on growth, self-discovery, and overcoming unthinkable adversity: “If your life and all its phases lasted only one day, what would you do with it?” Toren is an experimental adventure that mixes dream-like, orange-tinted scapes with everchanging, puzzle-based gameplay to become an interactive poem: story-driven, smart and beautiful. As you ascend the tower of Toren the world will change, and you will grow with it. If you’re a connoisseur of the sounds as much as the sights, Toren: Deluxe Edition which includes the original soundtrack, may just be the version for you.

Pre-order Toren now, DRM-free on! The 10% launch discount will last until May 12th, when the game is expected to launch.

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Technobabylon, the cyberpunk Wadjet Eye adventure, is available for pre-order now for Windows, DRM-free on

Wadjet Eye, the prestigious paragons of pixelated-but-modern point-and-click adventure game hits, are back with yet another exciting release. In Technobabylon the adventure is set in a dystopian future where genetic engineering is basic surgery, and a good day is a day on Trance. Enter a city controlled by an all-knowing Artificial Intelligence and a terryfing police force, and take control of the game’s three protagonists: Charlie Regis, a rogue agent of the secret police force; Latha Sesame, a jobless Trance-addict; and Max Lao, a woman torn between her past and future. Together they’ll have to unravel the dangerous secrets of a high-tech society that functions just barely.

Pre-ordering the game right now means a free upgrade to the Deluxe Edition, and its batch of goodies when the game is released:
— Full soundtrack
— Recording session video
— Production art gallery (concepts, 3D models, full-size portraits, etc.),
— Technobabylon Codex (PDF with backstory)
— Poster art wallpaper

Pre-order Technobabylon, the retro cyberpunk adventure, now on! The game is expected to launch on May 20, 2015.

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Ys VI returns to PC.

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim, an English-language Windows premiere, is available now, DRM-free on!

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim is available on PC, in English, for the very first time ever. Ys is an action-jRPG series where your thumbs, combat, and platforming skills will all be tested – the series’ focus on keeping combat fast, fluid and enjoyable is as clear as ever. Though the game premiered on PSP and PS2 several years ago, this release can easily be considered the “definitive” edition with a brand new translation, true widescreen support, updated mechanics (including better checkpoints), and support for modern controllers. If you think you’ve got what it takes – the aptly named Catastrophe Mode may just you be your next challenge. The future of Ys is bright for PC gamers!

Return once more to the world of Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim, DRM-free on!

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By Yatta


I forget what year it happened, but in the late 90’s we had a bunch of fans “invade” (their term, not ours) the offices. A couple of fans from our forums just showed up, and walked in and asked to see what was going on. At the time we didn’t have much in the way of security, and while George was generally nice to them, it did prompt some changes. After their stunt, we installed security keyfobs for the doors, so you couldn’t just get in without someone letting you in. That also extended to our next offices in a big way. I can’t recall if anyone tried again at the Broadway offices after that stunt, but they wouldn’t have gotten in.

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Star Wars: Jedi Knight II – Jedi Outcast & Star Wars: Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy, the greatest Jedi simulators ever created, are available now DRM-free on! You can get both titles up to 77% off in our Star Wars Saber Bundle.

Where Dark Forces II introduced lightsabers and force-powers for the first time ever in gaming, the subsequent sequels blew your Jedi experience completely out of the water. More spectacular powers, and challenging, parry-based swordplay are the mark of these two titles.
In Star Wars: Jedi Knight II – Jedi Outcast, Imperial-officer-turned-mercenary-turned-Jedi Kyle Katarn’s story continues. A dark evil threatens the galaxy again, and Kyle must return to the Force one more time. Once more, you’ll walk the path of light, or lean on the powerful tools of the darker side. Once more, you’ll wield your lightsaber, face dark Jedi, and mow down entire bases worth of buttery-soft stormtroopers. In Star Wars: Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy, you get to become a Jedi. Undergo training at the Jedi Academy under the watchful eyes of Kyle Katarn and Luke Skywalker himself. Master the force, and choose your weapon. Will you wield the elegant single-bladed lightsaber, confound your enemies with two, or master the destructive force of the exotic double-bladed saber?

Relive the apex of saberplay in Star Wars: Jedi Knight II – Jedi Outcast & Star Wars: Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy. Available now, DRM-free on The launch discount will last until Thursday, May 7, 6:59 AM GMT.

TotalBiscuit and Memories in 8bit will be playing the games live on!

See the Cynical Brit swinging glow-sticks in Jedi Academy on WEDNESDAY, April 29th, at 4pm GMT / 12pm EDT / 9am PDT.

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The definitive release.

Star Wars X-Wing and Star Wars TIE-Fighter just received a very special upgrade exclusively on Get them both now, up to 50% off in our Blaster Bundle.

Releasing Star Wars X-Wing and Star Wars TIE-Fighter on, for the first time in digital distribution, was a big deal. Today, we’re happy to finally make that release even bigger. Star Wars: X-Wing Collector’s CD-ROM and Star Wars: Tie Fighter Collector’s CD-ROM are here: widely considered to be the ultimate versions of the space combat simulator, these re-releases feature upgraded in-game graphics, rebalanced missions, new scenarios and cutscenes and new voiceovers. All that, combined with the signature MUSE sound system and a refined flight engine. Most importantly, it’s the release you all wanted to see here the most.

The Collector’s CD-ROM upgrade for Star Wars X-Wing and Star Wars TIE-Fighter is free for everyone who already owns the games, and becomes a permanent new part of the package – exclusively on! The launch discounts will last until Thursday, May 7, 6:59 AM GMT.

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