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It’s just a paper cut.

Rezrog, a turn-based dungeon crawler with distinct tabletop stylings, is now available, DRM-free on

Every party member brings something unique to the table. Venture into the procedurally generated dungeons with the hero of your choice to tackle nasty monsters and bring back shiny loot. If you perish or get captured, send another hero to clean up your mess or make some of their own. Just make sure they’re properly skilled and leveled up this time, will you?

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Against the clock.

Lock’s Quest, an acclaimed 2D Action RPG / Tower Defense hybrid, is now available DRM-free to with a 20% launch discount.

Originally released in 2008 on the Nintendo DS, this upcoming re-release of Lock’s Quest is a complete next-generation remake, featuring a completely remastered soundtrack, high-resolution everything, new in-game content and a slew of gameplay improvements. Whether you’re a long-time fan or yet to discover the magic of Lock’s Quest – this is one you don’t want to miss.

The 20% discount will last until June 6, 5PM UTC.

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In a galaxy too far away…

The Long Journey Home, the thrilling space exploration adventure of a mismatched crew, is now available, DRM-free on

Stranded light years away from home, your group of incompatible individuals must work together to find a way back through procedurally generated galaxies and intriguing RPG mechanics. Meet over twelve alien races and use your skills and smarts to negotiate hundreds of handwritten quests that could help you escape this uncharted corner of the galaxy.

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Catching up with fate.

The fifth and final Episode of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, is now available, DRM-free on with a 25% discount.

With all the cards laid down on the table, Javier is now forced to face the choices he’s made throughout this gut-wrenching ordeal. The situation in Richmond has reached its boiling point and everybody must look out for themselves. How will you and Clementine deal with the swirling chaos of damaged relationships, broken promises, and broken people?

Purchasing this gives you access to all five episodes of A New Frontier.

The 25% discount will last until June 6, 5:00 PM UTC.

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See no evil, hear all evil.

Perception, a first-person thriller about a blind woman exploring a mysterious mansion haunted by a dark presence, is now available, DRM-free on

Your eyes can’t help you but your other senses immediately kick in: especially that of self-preservation. Stay calm and the strange mansion at Echo Bluff will be slowly revealed to you as a sharp soundscape, painstakingly created through echolocation. Every sound could be a clue. Every movement, a looming threat. Every secret, a demon for you to conquer.

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Return to the Arcade.

The wait is finally over: 15 -count ’em- 15 essential SNK NEO・GEO classics that no gamer should be without, are finally available DRM-free on!

These are the games that devoured our entire allowance when we were skipping school to beat them at the Arcade. For convenience’s sake, we’ve broken them down into three bundles:

METAL SLUG Bundle: Easily the most insatiable coin-eaters of the bunch, METAL SLUG 1, 2, 3, and X are still just as fun as you remember them from these blessed times. They all come sporting GOG Galaxy support complete with leaderboards, and -with the exception of METAL SLUG 2- both local and online multiplayer functionalities.

Fighting Classics Bundle: These games’ legacy is made up of fierce combos, brutal takedowns, and lots of broken controllers: FATAL FURY SPECIAL, SAMURAI SHODOWN 2, SAMURAI SHODOWN V, THE LAST BLADE, THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2000, and THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2002 CLASSIC. Are you up for a rematch? We thought so!

Arcade Games Bundle: The collection would not be complete without these lesser known but equally addictive hidden gems: BLAZING STAR, BASEBALL STARS 2, KING OF THE MONSTERS, SHOCK TROOPERS, and TWINKLE STAR SPRITES.

Get each game individually for -50% or together with its bundle for 75%.
These discounts will last until June 6, 1PM UTC.

NOTE: Make sure to check each game’s individual store page for details on their GOG Galaxy supported features.

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It’s your turn to defend Earth.

We always knew they might not be friendly. Now they are here and we must show them we can be pretty unfriendly, too.
X-COM is the only organization that can stand against the tyrannical alien invaders. A task force of elite operatives deployed all around the world in daring turn-based missions where every casualty might lose us the war. Do you have what it takes to lead them through this electrifying gauntlet of tactical challenges? Well, time to prove it: X-COM: UFO Defense, Terror from the Deep, Apocalypse, Interceptor, and Enforcer are now 75% off!

The 75% discounts will last until June 5, 10 AM UTC.

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Puzzle your way out of sticky situations or just race past them.

Whoohoo! Our Weekly Sale is now 18, which means she can drive, move out of the house, and even drink in certain countries. We’re throwing her a coming-of-age party and so far we’ve quite a few esteemed guests who came to pay their respects and try the canapés. What they’ve brought in exchange? Let’s take a peek while everyone’s queuing for the open bar.

Each part of the Dracula Trilogy is just as fascinating as the last but The Path of the Dragon easily takes the cake and bites it too. A gloomy tale of a tormented priest investigating the death of a well-respected woman takes a thrilling turn when he’s confronted with temptation, occult secrets, and the bloodiest pages of history.

Do you know how Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood managed to pull off his heroic deeds? Well, he had to employ stealth, patience, tactical genius, and utilize the abilities of his merry commandos to their fullest. There are over 30 missions here for you to try and do the same!

As always, there’s more – including Amerzone, Syberia, Moto Racer, Still Life, Haegemonia Gold Edition and plenty of others!
Plus, stay tuned for new deals coming this Friday!

The Weekly Sale Vol. 18 will last until June 5, 4:00 PM UTC.

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Talking about the challenges and ambitions of sandbox design.

Sandbox games are all about starting small yet dreaming big – turns out this rings true for the developers behind these projects as well. Following a successful Kickstarter, developers Craneballs are looking to turn

If you had to choose one thing that you’re most excited for people to see or do in Planet Nomads, what would that be?

Daniel: There are plenty of biomes that create amazing sceneries, and some encounters will be crazy, but if I were to pick just one thing it would be when you build your first vehicle. For sure. When you get it to work by setting everything correctly, and you take it for a spin, that’s incredibly rewarding. And then your mind starts wondering all those “What if I do that and this little fella here…”, “What if I build the suspensions a bit higher, or build a tank-like rover and hit a tree with it?” Physics and wheel physics are definitely something to explore in Planet Nomads.

Up until now, you’ve been exclusively in the mobile business. So what made you decide to take on PC gaming?

Daniel: It was a combination of several things. We are old schoolers. While we do play mobile games, we didn’t have them when we were kids and that’s where your most powerful memories come from. We had PCs as kids and it’s always been our dream platform. But we’d been too few to create a fully-fledged PC game at the beginning.

“[…] our team had grown tired of the F2P model and wanted to design a game that’s all about the game and not microtransactions.”

Then Unity happened and after Overkill 3 we figured we could use it to make a PC game with (relative) ease. We thought what can we …read more

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Wing Commander, Starpoint Gemini 2, X series, and more up to -75%!

Are you in space? We’re in space. Space. So much space. Wanna go to space?
Well, there’ve been quite a few neat options this week, thanks to StarCrawlers, Starpoint Gemini – Warlords and Planet Nomads. But today EVERSPACE™ jumped out of In Development space and straight into our solar system, so we had to make some extra space for a space-themed sale. SPAAAAAAACE!

Start your travels with the legendary Wing Commander series, still hailed by space pilots the galaxy over as masterpieces of space shooting and FMV storytelling. Then perfect your 6DoF combat skills by venturing into Descent: Underground and when you’re ready to try your hand at achieving space domination, get yourself acquainted with the X and X3 games.

The Lots of Space Sale will last until May 28, 10 PM UTC.

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