Interview: Planet Nomads devs on building exciting new worlds

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Talking about the challenges and ambitions of sandbox design.

Sandbox games are all about starting small yet dreaming big – turns out this rings true for the developers behind these projects as well. Following a successful Kickstarter, developers Craneballs are looking to turn

If you had to choose one thing that you’re most excited for people to see or do in Planet Nomads, what would that be?

Daniel: There are plenty of biomes that create amazing sceneries, and some encounters will be crazy, but if I were to pick just one thing it would be when you build your first vehicle. For sure. When you get it to work by setting everything correctly, and you take it for a spin, that’s incredibly rewarding. And then your mind starts wondering all those “What if I do that and this little fella here…”, “What if I build the suspensions a bit higher, or build a tank-like rover and hit a tree with it?” Physics and wheel physics are definitely something to explore in Planet Nomads.

Up until now, you’ve been exclusively in the mobile business. So what made you decide to take on PC gaming?

Daniel: It was a combination of several things. We are old schoolers. While we do play mobile games, we didn’t have them when we were kids and that’s where your most powerful memories come from. We had PCs as kids and it’s always been our dream platform. But we’d been too few to create a fully-fledged PC game at the beginning.

“[…] our team had grown tired of the F2P model and wanted to design a game that’s all about the game and not microtransactions.”

Then Unity happened and after Overkill 3 we figured we could use it to make a PC game with (relative) ease. We thought what can we …read more

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