Weekly Sale Vol. 18: Up to 90% off Amerzone, Syberia 1+2, Dracula Trilogy, Moto Racer, Corsairs Gold, and more

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Puzzle your way out of sticky situations or just race past them.

Whoohoo! Our Weekly Sale is now 18, which means she can drive, move out of the house, and even drink in certain countries. We’re throwing her a coming-of-age party and so far we’ve quite a few esteemed guests who came to pay their respects and try the canapés. What they’ve brought in exchange? Let’s take a peek while everyone’s queuing for the open bar.

Each part of the Dracula Trilogy is just as fascinating as the last but The Path of the Dragon easily takes the cake and bites it too. A gloomy tale of a tormented priest investigating the death of a well-respected woman takes a thrilling turn when he’s confronted with temptation, occult secrets, and the bloodiest pages of history.

Do you know how Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood managed to pull off his heroic deeds? Well, he had to employ stealth, patience, tactical genius, and utilize the abilities of his merry commandos to their fullest. There are over 30 missions here for you to try and do the same!

As always, there’s more – including Amerzone, Syberia, Moto Racer, Still Life, Haegemonia Gold Edition and plenty of others!
Plus, stay tuned for new deals coming this Friday!

The Weekly Sale Vol. 18 will last until June 5, 4:00 PM UTC.

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