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Silence, a reflective point’n’click adventure that takes you back to The Whispered World, is available now DRM-free on with GOG Galaxy support for achievements. To celebrate, the first game is 50% off for a week.

Noah and his little sister Renie were desperate to escape the war. And by a strange turn of events, as they lay hidden inside a bunker with bombs raining down outside, they somehow got magically transported to an fantasy realm of pure imagination. But this whispered world is also being ravaged by conflict and now Noah is afraid that his sister might get lost inside the land of Silence.
Emotional challenges, strange puzzles, and unexpected dangers will threaten to lead the two children astray. But with the help of Spot, the shape-shifting caterpillar, they will manage to join the rebel forces and strive to save a world full of odd inhabitants, overwhelming beauty, and permeating darkness. And perhaps meet some familiar faces in the process…

Listen to your heart and find the beauty inside the incredible world of Silence, DRM-free on
If you want to experience this amazing place for yourself before making up your mind, be sure to try the Demo first.
And don’t tell anyone, but you can also enjoy the game’s stunning sights and sounds by getting the Artbook and the Soundtrack.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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