Coming Soon: Diluvion

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20.000 pieces of loot under the sea.

Diluvion, an open-world action/RPG of free exploration among the underwater depths of humanity’s remains, is coming soon, DRM-free on!

Centuries ago, our great civilization got buried under tons of cold water. The survivors somehow preserved long enough to build a network of submerged cities, each with its own culture, religion, and way of life. As the captain of a humble submarine you are chosen by fate to go on a journey that might bring humanity’s best-kept secret to the surface.
But there’s a reason nobody managed to survive this mission before: The ocean is full of deep-sea horrors, unclaimed treasure, hidden societies, and uncharted places. To brave them all you’ll need to spiff up your sub with upgrades and hire a skillful crew to help you navigate the many dangers lurking there. Face the challenges head-on with a formidable dreadnaught or swim the path of the silent hunter but no matter your approach, be mindful: the sea is dark and full of giant terrors.

Wishlist Diluvion today and get ready for an underwater odys-sea full of heart-pounding combat, peculiar encounters, and terrible monsters, coming soon, DRM-free on

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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