Weekly Staff Picks: The Power of Spelling

Classic Games

Up to 75% off games that grant arcane powers: Simon the Sorcerer, Magic Carpet Plus, Paper Sorcerer, and more!

Every good magic promo consists of three parts. The first part is called “The Pledge”. You are shown something ordinary, like a videogame with wizards in it. The second part is called “The Turn”: You fiddle with this ordinary thing and realise it can make something extraordinary – like provide you with hours upon hours of magically-infused fun. Now you’re wondering how we can top this. That’s when the third part comes in – the one we call “The Discount”. It’s when you realize these games that grant you The Power of Spelling are also going for up to 75% off! Eh? Magic.

He’s smart-mouthed, stubborn, occasionally obnoxious. His favorite pastime is subverting all sorts of fairy tales and the characters living in them. Put your hands together for Simon the Sorcerer, the point’n’click sensation that helped the golden era of the genre earn its name! [APPLAUSE]

They thought they could contain your power and bury you inside a book? Ha! Playing the role of a Paper Sorcerer, you must now overcome all enemies, puzzles, and traps that await there, one turn at a time. This is how old-school revenge looks like, heroes.

Other wizards will come after you eventually and terrible monsters will try to shoot down your Magic Carpet. Navigate the skies, reshape the terrain below you, and blast your opponents to smithereens as a flying magical menace!

Unleash The Power of Spelling and discover some pretty neat tricks going for up to 75% off: Magic Carpet Plus, Nox, Simon the Sorcerer, and more!
The promo will last until November 18, 10:59 AM UTC.

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