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Something cool for the magically gifted.

Rogue Wizards, a charming turn-based roguelike where you raid densely populated dungeons full of amazing treasures, is available now for Windows and Mac, DRM-free on with GOG Galaxy support for achievements and a 15% launch discount.

You cannot isolate magic. Despite what the aristocracy of Rilfanor believes, it can materialize both in its “pureblood” population and among the less privileged members of society. Sometimes, those magically-tuned individuals might even belong to the fairer sex! The scandal!
But once these silly misconceptions are put aside, it’s time to deal with the real problem: the evil monsters dwelling inside those randomly generated dungeons. Outfit your fighter with the latest in enchanted equipment, gather materials to craft even more powerful items, and prepare to do turn-based battle against scary monsters with unique traits and abilities. You can choose your spells from six distinct schools of magic and wreak havoc as you delve deeper and deeper into the uncharted depths of the ever-changing dungeons.

Indulge in your dungeon-crawling instincts and send your Rogue Wizards to destroy hordes of monsters and hoard piles of loot, DRM-free on
The 15% discount will last until December 11, 10:59 PM UTC.

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Free when you own the base game and its two expansion packs!

You’ve asked and we listened: starting today, courtesy of CD Projekt RED, everyone who owns The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and both its expansions on will automatically get The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of the Year Edition added to their library. So, no need to keep casting Axii on us – the upgrade is here! And don’t worry, the GOTY Edition will not replace the others but will be added as a separate product.

Why are we doing this? Because we can (and because we are always thinking of ways to make your life a bit easier)! For those of you who use GOG Galaxy, your experience will be as simple as it was – you can install The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with expansions and owned DLC with a single click and update it automatically. And if you don’t use GOG Galaxy yet, you will now have a choice between downloading the game and its expansions separately or as a single comprehensive package directly from the website.

If you’ve played the base game and are looking for a chance to expand on your The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt experience, then we have some awesome news for you as well! For the next 72 hours, you can head here to take advantage of our special offer: -35% on the expansion packs you’re missing to complete your GOTY package. Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine offer new epic adventures with additional locations to visit, characters to meet, and hard choices to tackle. And of course, the moment you purchase your missing expansion(s), the GOTY Edition will materialize in your library along with them!

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The triumvirate of strategic gameplay.

Civilization III: Complete, Civilization IV: The Complete Edition, and CivCity: Rome, three of the most celebrated entries in the wildly popular and critically-acclaimed franchise, are now available, DRM-free on Get them individually with a 33% launch discount or grab all three in a bundle for 50% off.

Let’s be honest: our civilization would not be nearly as advanced if our ancient forefathers had the Sid Meier’s Civilization games available to them. It’s not just their incredible 4X depth that keeps you engaged for hours upon hours, it’s how addictive the experience is, compelling you to stay for “just one more turn” so that you don’t go to bed with any part of the map left unexplored or any hostility left unanswered.

Civilization III Complete and especially Civilization IV: The Complete Edition took the franchise to new heights by introducing new mechanics, improving the visuals and hooking players with additional modes and strategic options. They are the perfect challenge for those who want to build their empire, negotiate with other nations, and conquer their place in history through the years.

CivCity: Rome is a city-builder spin-off where you manage some of the greatest cities of the Roman Empire. Not only will you set up their infrastructure and help them grow, but you also have the chance to look inside the buildings and observe your citizens going about their everyday lives!

Discover the amazing strategic depth of the Civilization franchise with Civilization III: Complete, Civilization IV: The Complete Edition, and CivCity: Rome, DRM-free on
The 33/50% discount will last until December 5, 10:59 AM UTC.

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The road to redemption.

Blade & Bones, an combat-driven action/RPG about a warrior fighting to reclaim the voice of his people from a vengeful god, is available now, DRM-free on with a 5% launch discount.

Legends speak of Niro, the god that created the Orins and then cast them down in anger. As punishment for their defiance, he took away their voice, forcing them to communicate with others through four signs that express different emotions. Now the Orins will challenge their god once again, but for that they must gather the seven swords of legend.
Their combat skills will be put to the test again and again: timing and patience are key when alternating between light and heavy attacks or switching between the six different styles. The warriors can also perform dynamic body transformations called Kuros, or call upon the power of the relics they find in their travels. Depending on the time of day or the Kuros they can transform into, the Orins will be able to open up new areas or hidden passages across the open world, claiming secret weapons and items that will aid them in their quest.

Perfect your combat skills, claim the seven lost swords, and learn the secrets of Blade & Bones, DRM-free on
The 5% launch discount will last until December 14, 9:59 PM UTC.

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War. War sometimes changes. For the better.

Darksiders: Warmastered Edition, the ultimate version of War’s apocalyptic adventure against the forces of Heaven and Hell, is now available, DRM-free on, with GOG Galaxy support for achievements and a 80% launch discount.

Can the Apocalypse look beautiful? Well, in Darksiders: Warmastered Edition it does! All the texture resolutions have been doubled, the shadows are now rendered in higher quality, post-processing effects have been added, and the game runs smoother than ever.

Unfortunately, War doesn’t have time to stop and admire the sights: Earth is a bloody mess, with Angels and Demons still battling each other, locked in an eternal struggle for power. The first rider of the Apocalypse is wrongfully accused for letting this happen, but he’s not about to sit idly and see the world burn. Armed with an impressive arsenal, his trusty steed Ruin, his incredible platforming skills, and his penchant for combat, he is determined to find those responsible and bring them to justice. And this time, his epic adventure will look better than ever!

Join War’s apocalyptic fight to clear your name in the spectacular-looking Darksiders: Warmastered Edition, DRM-free on
The 80% discount will last until December 2, 5:59 PM UTC.

Note: This edition is free for anyone who already owns Darksiders. Buying Warmastered Edition will also give you the original version as a free bonus.

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Trim the sails and roam the sea.

Tempest, an open-world action-RPG about plundering the seven seas with your battleship, is now available for Windows and Mac, DRM-free on, with GOG Galaxy support for achievements and a 33% launch discount.

It’s easy to romanticize the pirate’s life: quests for legendary (also occasionally cursed) treasure, unrestrained killing and debauchery, unapologetically bad hygiene, the promise of endless adventure. But to indulge into all this, you must first tame the sea, which is nothing if not a cruel, demanding mistress.
Start by getting yourself a worthy vessel. Take good care of it, upgrade it, then roam the ocean, visit dozens of islands, and undertake dangerous quests. In your journeys you will do battle with enemy warships, sink galleons, and even lay siege to impenetrable forts. Stay vigilant, for giant monsters also lurk these waters, waiting to drag you down into Davy Jones’ locker. But take heart, captain! You are armed with more than mere cannonballs: you have flamethrowers, mortars, mystical crystals that grant you the power to bring down meteorites or summon terrible beasts on your enemies. And of course the greatest weapon of all: your salty grit.

Grind your black teeth, grab the steering wheel, and get ready to face the Tempest, DRM-free on For some epic music that will keep you in a sailing mood even when not playing, don’t forget to grab the game’s Soundtrack.
The 33% discount will last until December 11, 10:59 PM UTC.

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I keep on falling…

Downwell, a downwards journey through a bottomless well full of pixel-starved creatures and untold treasures, is available now, DRM-free on with a 50% launch discount.

How low will you go for a handful of shiny red gems? Driven by an overpowering desire to collect them all, our peculiar protagonist just keeps falling down the well in an unstoppable, frenetic descent. At least he’s got his nifty Gunboots on, so he can blast all the nasty well-dwellers to oblivion, collect tons of upgrades, and temporarily resist the unforgiving law of gravity. Surprisingly, he’s the not the only civilized person here and every now and then he’ll find himself in safe areas of the procedurally-generated caverns where he can level up, shop, or just ponder on his life decisions. Could it be that he’s actually drawn to the well’s impenetrable darkness or is he just looking for a way to battle it? Well, regardless, there’s only one way to go from here..

Strap your Gunboots on and let yourself fall Downwell, DRM-free on
The 50% discount will last until December 11, 10:59 PM UTC.

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Up to 85% off games that dare go exploring: Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Spelunky, Tomb Raider 1+2+3, and more!

Things could have turned out better. Could it be that you were too loud when swapping the idol of Ralak-Sa with a plastic Troll doll? Perhaps they noticed the difference in the hair, though that’s unlikely.
At least you eventually managed to escape and reach their legendary vault, full of celebrated videogames based on your predecessors’ treasure-hunting adventures. But as you’re making your way through the chamber, wondering about the significance of these up to -85% tags attached to each game, you feel something slithering around your ankles. Oh god, it’s snakes. Why Did it Have to be Snakes?!

There’s a lot to discover each time you replay Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. Using either his Wits, his Fists, or the skills of his charming companion Sophia, the famous archeologist must puzzle out the location of the lost continent, before the Nazis can exploit its secrets.

Procedurally-generated caves, tons of sweet loot, traps, monsters, and shopkeepers that haven’t seen daylight in a long long time. That’s Spelunky, the platformer sensation that will keep you smiling in the face of overwhelming odds.

You can’t expect to be spared gross encounters of the slithering kind when your primary occupation is Tomb Raider. Thankfully, Lara has her trusty sidearms, incredible acrobatic skills, and inherent bad-assery to help her deal with all the nasty stuff standing in her way.

We’ve whipped up some spectacular adventures that will definitely make you cry out Why Did it Have to be Snakes?! Pick your favorite for up to 85% off: Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb, La Mulana, Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness, and more!
The promo will last until December 2, 10:59 AM UTC.

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The foundation for even bigger changes.

No Man’s Sky, the first-person game of limitless space exploration that everyone’s been talking about, has just received a massive free update to version 1.1 called the Foundation Update! If you haven’t checked the game out yet, now is a good time to jump in, taking advantage of the 40% discount.

The game got off to a rocky start but developers Hello Games say that since its release they have been processing all the feedback and this update “is putting in place a foundation for things to come”.

Here are some of the most important improvements it brings:

– Explorers can now decide to play with different rule sets across three game modes: the Normal mode, the Creative mode and the Survival mode.
– You can claim your home planet by finding an uninhabited base and creating your own, fully customized outpost.
– Inside your base you can grow and harvest crops, and research plant types with the new Farming system.
– You can now deploy automated harvesters that keep gathering resources from nodes. Waypoints can be placed to track points of interest and you can also leave sub-space messages for other travelers to find.
– If you can afford them, you might want to purchase interstellar Freighters that you’ll be able to summon from anywhere in the galaxy. You can even use the new recruitment system to outfit your Freighter with an Engineer, a Farmer, and a Weapons or Science specialist that will conduct research for you.
– Big and small improvements in the UI and graphics, including a quick menu to access important items.

To get a good look at all the changes introduced in the Foundation Update head over this way.
Or better yet, fire up No Man’s Sky and check them out yourself!
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By Sharkster In preparation of our upcoming TOXIKK Pro League Tournaments, 1.0.5 brings multiple further improvements, fixes and features. Let’s take a look at what we did in detail:


The QuickJoin feature was affected by a bug that caused a “No Server Found” error under certain conditions. This should no longer happen. Also, if loading/connecting took very long, you could get stuck in a connection cycle. This was fixed. Note to admins: the ToxikkServerLauncher tool now starts all dedicated servers WITHOUT SteamSockets, as they are causing connection issues. Make sure you are forwarding game AND query port now, if your server is behind a NAT router. Listen servers (direct match hosting) now have an optional menu item, were you can toggle SteamSockets.


Something that should’ve been done before, but it simply slipped a couple of times: The spawns of all mega pick-ups is now delayed, to not give those players an unfair advantage that initially spawn close to a power pick-up. Also, many respawn times for items were slightly adjusted.


Advanced balancing measures: Health above 150 units now decays with a rate of 1 unit per second back to 150. Same goes for armor above 100.


Video options were removed from DefaultGame.ini. So next time we do changes to that ini, your video options shouldn’t reset.


Leaving a competitive Arch Rivals match before it’s over will affect your score as if you’ve lost the match.


There was a bug that could cause to have three active duelists in Arch Rivals game mode under certain conditions. This should no longer happen.


The way your Elo score is calculated is adjusted. Also, if you haven’t played any competitive matches …read more