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The road to redemption.

Blade & Bones, an combat-driven action/RPG about a warrior fighting to reclaim the voice of his people from a vengeful god, is available now, DRM-free on with a 5% launch discount.

Legends speak of Niro, the god that created the Orins and then cast them down in anger. As punishment for their defiance, he took away their voice, forcing them to communicate with others through four signs that express different emotions. Now the Orins will challenge their god once again, but for that they must gather the seven swords of legend.
Their combat skills will be put to the test again and again: timing and patience are key when alternating between light and heavy attacks or switching between the six different styles. The warriors can also perform dynamic body transformations called Kuros, or call upon the power of the relics they find in their travels. Depending on the time of day or the Kuros they can transform into, the Orins will be able to open up new areas or hidden passages across the open world, claiming secret weapons and items that will aid them in their quest.

Perfect your combat skills, claim the seven lost swords, and learn the secrets of Blade & Bones, DRM-free on
The 5% launch discount will last until December 14, 9:59 PM UTC.

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