Weekly Staff Picks: Paragons of Pixelhood

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Weekly Staff Picks: Volgarr the Viking, FEZ, Super Time Force Ultra, Papers Please and Last Door, up to 80% off!

Pixels, the building blocks of virtual life, they are the foundation upon which worlds and adventures have been built. Pixels can be infinitesimal and countless, or they can be vivid and significant – they’re here to be molded by our hands. Our Weekly Staff Pick: Paragons of Pixelhood is an ode to the most exemplary of pixels. We celebrate pixels that are proud to stand out and be seen, those that have managed to create something visually unique without losing their individuality, and experiences that rely on absolute pixel perfection to provide precise, quality gameplay. Sometimes less is more, and bigger is better.

Does pixel-perfect sound like your thing? Good. Volgarr the Viking is here to deliver. It’s a 16bit-ish platformer that’s completely brutal – and not just because of all the blood that gets everywhere. Volgarr is a throwback to the Sega Genesis and SNES era when death didn’t mean failure – it was just an opportunity to learn. You’ll be killed lots, and you’re going to like it – you can’t say no at a 75% discount.

2D platforming is cool. But you know what’s cooler? It’s 2D platforming in a 3D world, at 75% off. FEZ is just that – a blocky platformer that takes on a whole new dimension, allowing you to traverse a 2D universe from a completely new perspective. FEZ is the opposite of brutal, it’s calm and serene. It’s a game about soaking in the sights and sounds of the pixely world, you can take your time – slowly working and turning your way through every single elaborate puzzle that the game has to offer.

“Take your time” takes on a whole new meaning …read more

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