Release: Massive Assault + Phantom Renaissance

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Chess-like strategy, a puzzle of war.

Massive Assault and Massive Assault: Phantom Renaissance, two games of turn-based tactics and deception from the creators of World of Tanks, available now on Windows, DRM-free on with a 50% launch discount!

Massive Assault is, first and foremost, pure strategy. While it may look like your regular RTS, the Massive Assault series is a game of precise turn-based tactics across hexified battlefields. Your success will not depend on your reaction time or clicks per minute, you will never go into battle uncertain of its outcome. Everything is consistent and laid out on the table from the start – it’s your job to make the most of these few rules to deceive and outmaneuver your opponents. The series has been described as a chess-like strategy, a puzzle of war.

Massive Assault: Phantom Renaissance (aka: Domination) is an all-around improvement on the first game and a continuation of the story – it includes an expanded single-player campaign with greater tactical options, more units with better AI, and a much more graphically spectacular war to behold.

Outsmart and deceive your enemies in Massive Assault and Massive Assault: Phantom Renaissance, now on! The 50% launch discount for both titles will last for one week, until Tuesday, February 10 at 10:59 AM GMT.

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