Guest Article: Revisiting Neverwinter Nights

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Set up your own adventures, look for mods, and become the ultimate DM.

A celebrated classic never truly fades away and comes bundled with a flexible and powerful editor, which allows you to shape your tale with surprising ease.

The toolset itself is fairly intuitive and easy to use even for a beginner, especially with the many tutorials and general support available within the NWN builder and modder community, but it is also highly versatile and modifiable for those with more in-depth technical knowledge. You can put together a module made up of different connected areas, either interior or exterior, with a variety of tilesets or environments that feature pre-designed components and are embellished with more objects, monsters and NPCs, which you can program with quests and scripted conversations. A builder can also create a custom palette of placeable objects, NPCs, loot, and gear with properties modified to fit his or her specific campaign or story. These, in turn, can be made available to the DMs via the DM client to be generated ‘live’ for the players in a module that’s already been put online.

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to build it yourself: There is a welcoming modding scene that has created a huge collection of singleplayer and multiplayer modules – you can find some of them in our Hall of Fame. Of course, if you’d just like to start playing right now, you can always run one of the original campaigns shipped with the game.

Mod Spotlights

Neverwinter Nights has a very active, creative and talented community that has done an outstanding job in adding extra value to this game. New tilesets, new creatures, new rules, complex scripting packages – you name it. You can find most of this in the Neverwinter Vault!

One of the most prolific things …read more

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