Release: The Real Texas – Cellpop Goes Out At Night DLC

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Still weirder than a $3 bill!

The Real Texas, a quirky action-RPG that will have you go “yee-haw!”, just got all–new content straight outta this world, it’s the Cellpop Goes Out At Night DLC!
Pick up The Real Texas: Dusty Skies Edition which includes the base game and DLC content, all at 40% off! You can also grab just the DLC at 10% off, and the base game at 30% off.

Finally, if you already own The Real Texas, you’ll get the DLC completely free as a thank-you for supporting the devs! Your free redeemable code will be added to your library over the next few days.

Your ma was never one to worry overmuch, so when the outside world went silent and the trains stopped coming, y’all kept looking straight ahead.
And when folks started disappearing. Well, you built a fence.
Way she goes folks. Just the way she goes.

New kinds of music, a new world to think your thoughts upon, and a whole new vibe. Cellpop Goes out at Night, but he never, ever goes past the fence. If you missed the original, it’s a peculiar RPG adventure straight from the frisky Republic of Texas. As the devs say themselves, it plays like a mashup of Zelda: Link to the Past and Ultima 6 – borrowing combat mechanics and inspiration from the first, and an open-ended world full of NPC with elaborate dialog trees from the latter. Plus, weird graphics and a quirky sense of humor create a world teeming with life and full of enthralling stories – don’t let this one slip by!

Grab The Real Texas: Dusty Skies Edition to get your hands on the whole thing at 40% off! Or take it easy with just the Cellpop Goes Out At Night DLC at 10% …read more

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