Adventure on Mystery Island Chapter 7: The Purple Portal

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Help shape a fascinating tale of danger, intrigue, and stubborn bubbles.

Previously on Adventure on Mystery Island
After an unfortunate plane crash and a rather fortunate encounter with the enigmatic Monolith of Multitude, you end up with sand in your shoes, a precious code for Rebel Galaxy in your pocket, and a healthy dose of curiosity in your gut.
The path towards the second Monolith goes through the foreboding Sidequest Castle, which turned out to be the home of a slightly unhinged but rather jolly dragon who loooooves role-playing. You unwittingly become her knight is shining prose and after your reluctant participation in a humiliating play, you escape towards the Bridge of DOOM. Naturally, your attempt to pole-vault over it goes awfully wrong but thanks to the miraculous intervention of a giant bird, you somehow end up on the other side of the bridge, right outside the Brainstorm Basin. Here, you were tasked with solving a devious riddle involving unburstable bubbles, which you did with surprising aplomb. Certain that nothing can interrupt your quest anymore, you enter a giant monkey head and find yourself inside The Cave of Countless Chats. It’s a maze and in order to get out, you agree to help a Harmless Old Lady find her granddaughter’s dollie. She, of course, turns out to be a voodoo priestess and after getting painfully zapped around the place, you finally exit the Cave and find yourself standing in front of The Second Monolith. Your reward? A shiny copy of Fantasy General and the promise of more adventures, lying beyond the Purple Portal that just opened up off shore…

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CHAPTER 7: The Purple Portal

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