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90% off bundle deal: Hotline Miami, Shadow Warrior, Serious Sam, Motivational Growth, Burning Man and more!

It wasn’t so long ago that we introduced movies to our DRM-free catalog. They’ve kept to themselves, mostly, off in their own little corner of GOG.com. This weekend, with a little help from our friends at Devolver Digital, we’re bringing games and movies together for one enormous integration in the Devolver Game & Watch Bundle: 10 movies, 5 games, and one melting pot of entertainment at a 90% discount if you grab it all at once (or complete your collection). You can also buy individual titles at 50% off, including:

Shadow Warrior Classic Complete and Shadow Warrior (2013) are the bloody 1997 cult classic and its modern reimagining. It’s a melee-heavy FPS series which started out in the Duke Nukem era of no-holds-barred humor and action. The 2013 reboot was a smooth transition into the current generation for a modern, but not too modern, first person shooter. If that’s not enough classically fast and furious shootin’ for you, Serious Sam First and Second Encounter are part of the bundle as well!

Hotline Miami is a maniacal retro-styled top-down action game in which an armed psychopath (you) takes on the scum of the Miami criminal underground (your prey). Limbs strewn everywhere, your foes’ remains will pulsate to the haunting soundtrack as you slaughter your way across the ultra-fast gameplay, unforgiving enemies, twisted backstory, and unique design. Hotline Miami is something you just have to see.

Motivational Growth is a little sick-to-the-head, but nonetheless an inspiring movie arguing the real importance of getting “out there” before you get too mold. A feature presentation that you shouldn’t miss.

Super Game Jam fits the bundle like a glove. It’s a package of 5 short films, and 5 short games. A documentary series following each of five developer teams in one 48-hour game jam, including a playable version of each game they created.

Pixel Poetry just became Pixel Poetry: Special Edition. The documentary surrounding the ongoing video game debate and ever-present question “Are video games art? just received a huge content upgrade with bonus interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and more goodies!

Finally, we have Burning Man: Beyond Black Rock, a documentary premiering on GOG.com along with the bundle, a deep and personal look at the most famous counter-culture festival in the world, its past, and hopeful future.

Hit play to Game & Watch with 15 great Devolver Digital titles at 90% off, including Good Game, Austin High, The Basement, Stream Dream, Mars, and One Couch at a Time. You can always grab each title individually at a 50% discount as well. The combined promo will last until Tuesday, February 3 at 10:59 AM GMT.

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