Pre-order: NECROPOLIS: A Diabolical Dungeon Delve

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Death becomes you.

NECROPOLIS a merciless action/roguelite where death is its own reward, is now available for pre-order, for Windows and Mac, DRM-free on

Who doesn’t enjoy a spectacular, brutal, educational death? Especially if it’s permanent, which means all your hard-earned or crafted gear, your elixirs, and any trust you had in your friends now lie shattered on the floor of an accursed, constantly-shifting dungeon.
But it also means that you get to start fresh, armed with more knowledge, better-honed skills, and additional upgrades available. So you’ve got no excuse if you die again. And again. And again. And then maybe drop in somebody else’s playthrough or have them drop in yours so that you can die together this time. And one time after that. Then two more. Yes that’s it, you’re getting the hang of this now.

Pre-order NECROPOLIS, the unforgivingly cheeky dungeon-crawler, DRM-free on The game is expected to be released on July 12.

Word on the street:
“Turns out life after death is pretty deadly :/ ” – Ronnie The Adventurer
“Do you feel lucky, punk?” – Snid The Monster
“Nope, there’s just no way to beat that first boss”- Dark Souls veteran

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