Release: Frozen Cortex

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Use your cortex to dominate the courts.

Frozen Cortex, a turn-based sports management game, is available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux, DRM-free on, with a 75% launch discount.

Competitive sports are not unlike war: they require deep strategic thinking, surgical execution, adaptiveness, creativity, and the occasional stroke of luck. Frozen Cortex, the spiritual successor of Frozen Synapse, lets you engage in all that as you manage your team and your custom-made players on the road to victory. Building your roster can be just as important as guiding their positions and actions on the playfield, and if you ever get tired of the four single-player modes, you can fight your friends for the coveted title of the ultimate Frozen Cortex champion. After all, you do have that free extra copy that’s waiting to be gifted…

Play hard ball and dominate the tactical fields of Frozen Cortex, DRM-free on If you are addicted to the soundtrack or crave some additional customization, make sure to grab the Soundtrack Tier, the Mega Tier, or the Ultimate Tier. The 75% discount will last for the duration of the Summer Sale.

In the press:
“Frozen Cortex is one of the deepest strategic experiences on PC” – PC Gamer
“Its distilled tension makes each match feel like the best of sport and strategy gaming” – Rock Paper Shotgun
“Another brilliant slice of strategy from Mode 7” – Eurogamer

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