Release: Galactic Civilizations III: Rise of the Terrans DLC

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Humans dip their toes into the sea of space

Galactic Civilizations III: Rise of the Terrans, the story of the founding and early struggles of the Terran Alliance, is available now, DRM-free on

The universe is a pretty big place. Full of diverse galactic civilizations, divided under the common goal of exploring, conquering, and dominating it. The Terran Alliance is one such force, but how did it reach its current status? How did the other races greet mankind’s early intergalactic steps? Rise of the Terrans lets you explore that turning point in our history as you strive to build an empire, make the right choices, and deal with the overwhelming threats that arise from this expansion. Can you convince the other civilizations to make some space for the Terrans?

Delve into an intriguing prequel campaign that chronicles the Rise of the Terrans, DRM-free on

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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