Forever Doom

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This map is a Doom tribute/dedication and the design was mainly inspired by Doom 3 although nothing is exact. I also have added some surprises which include a few of my personal favorite areas from Doom 1 knee deep in the dead episode and one spot from Doom 2 level 1, almost making this the Ultimate Doom map! I used my prgram called cubase it is music software for producing to get all sounds out of DNF.

*Story* : The Doom marine has left his hellified space base abandoned because he is out working on Doom4 those alien ba*♥♥♥♥♥ know it is a good time to take over his base. While he is away his base is being attacked and if it takes to long the base will be Forever Doomed and un fixable. So he contacts the one guy who fits the description of being able to save the day Mr. Duke Nukem. Mission: Explode the archives buildings so the aliens can’t hack the computers system and clear out any aliens for a safe return of the Doom marine .

Sp: yes
Dm: yes 8 players best for 4-8 many things to open the map up and get around fast
co op : yes supports 8 but since i placed weapons for dm they appear in mp co op aswell

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