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Full metal jungle.

Men of Valor, an intense FPS set in the hellish battlefields of Vietnam, is available now DRM-free on with a 40% launch discount.

We lost a lot of good men back there, ‘sarge. Some died face down in the muck, some got sniped off the chopper, some got ambushed during these hopeless reconnaissance missions the boys warned you about. We came here thinking we will find honor, the chance to do good, and perhaps even help preserve our way of life. Instead we found death, despair, darkness. But also camaraderie, persistence, valor. And this is why those of us left standing continue to press on. Lead the way, ‘sarge.

Hold onto your trusty rifle and join the fray, either on foot or atop a mighty piece of heavy death-dealing machinery. Become one of the unsung Men of Valor, trying to survive in the humid jungles of Vietnam that still echo with the voices of broken men and the terrifying pandemonium of chaotic battles. Then challenge your friends to join you and make their dog tags hit the mud in six different multiplayer modes taking place in vast 24-player maps. After all, it’s not about who will win this famously controversial war. It’s about who will have the most fun participating in it.

Join the most controversial conflict in history and fight alongside courageous Men of Valor, DRM-free on The 40% discount will last until February 16, 1:59 PM GMT.

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