Weekend Promo: Kalypso + Topware + Retroism + Strategy First

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Up to 85% off a proper gaming storm: Jagged Alliance 2, Sacred: Gold, Earth 2160, Ghost Master, Darklands, and many more!

Oftentimes, you have to choose between the two, but once in a while you get to enjoy both quality and quantity at the same time. The joined catalogs of Kalypso + Topware + Retroism + Strategy First are one such special case, containing dozens of celebrated titles going for up to 85% off. Get your finger on the scroll wheel, this is going to be a wild ride!

Whether you’re Spanish, English, French, or Dutch, the life of a swashbuckler is equally thrilling. Tame the Caribbean with your trading or adventuring skills and reach Port Royale as the wiser, wealthier, or most feared man in the seven seas.

Why is the NATO so interested in sealing up the smoldering remains of Gorky 17? Do the hordes of nightmarish creatures emerging from its depths have anything to do with it? You’ll need nerves of steel, tactical prowess, and cunning role-playing skills to emerge with the answers.

Troublemakers are messing with haunted places for kicks. Who’re you gonna call? Ghost Master! He’ll give them some proper kicks in the nether regions with a well-trained army of ghosts and ghoulish creatures that will scare the foolhardiness right out of them!

It’s a collection out of your wildest, backlog-building dreams: a sea of Kalypso + Topware + Retroism + Strategy First games, going for up to 85% off! Sail right through it and fish out your favorites: Darklands, Dungeons 2, Jagged Alliance, Two Worlds 2: Epic Edition, Tropico 4, or one of the many others.
The promo will last until August 30, 3:59 AM UTC.

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