Introducing GOG Wallet, the simplest way to pay

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Pay with one click, avoid additional bank fees, and track your gaming budget!

Today, we’re rolling out the GOG Wallet, a highly-requested quality-of-life feature aimed at gamers who frequently face international bank fees, use pre-paid debit cards, or prefer the extra convenience and control over their budget.

The GOG Wallet is designed to be user-friendly and flexible: top-up your Wallet with any amount between 5 USD and 500 USD (or the local equivalent) using any payment method; if you’re using a pre-paid card, or you’re just a bit short on Wallet funds, you can easily combine GOG Wallet funds with other payment methods during checkout. It’s easy, fast, and totally safe.

Additionally, any store credit earned with the Fair Price Package (if a product costs more in your country than in the US, we always make up the difference) will now be automatically added to your GOG Wallet funds. Nobody likes to take time out of their gaming to do math, so we’re doing it for you!

To kickstart your GOG Wallet and learn about the details, make your way to

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