Crazy pre-order offers: Get free games with Absolver, Hello Neighbor and more

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Four matches made in heaven.

Goodies, bonuses, and that feeling when you buy a game and it comes with so many extras – at, we’ve always done our best to make sure your every purchase is full of value.
Now for a limited time, you can get even more value out of your pre-order, ease the wait, and get in the right mindset when grabbing free games with select pre-orders, only on

Absolver + Furi
Precision, strategy, and timing are key in the incredible duels you’ll face throughout Furi and Absolver – blending stylish and nuanced combat with great visuals, story, and epic adventure. Pre-order Absolver now at 10% off to receive Furi and in-game items: The Labyrinth Prospect Mask and Uring Priest Gear Set.

Hello Neighbor + Jazzpunk
A splash of humor, a dash of tension – Hello Neighbor and Jazzpunk both offer a unique sort of adventure full of secrets, exploration, infiltration, and plenty that’s simply strange… Additionally, by pre-ordering Hello Neighbor, you’ll get access to 3 Alpha builds allowing you to experience the diversity of gameplay in the newest game by tinyBuild.

Ken Follet’s The Pillars of the Earth + The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav
The video-game adaptation of world-bestseller “The Pillars of the Earth” is available for pre-orders now exclusively on Together with The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav, there are countless hours of fantastic writing and adventure ahead.

Sudden Strike 4 + Sudden Strike 1, Sudden Strike 2, Sudden Strike 3
Sudden Strike is coming back! Relive history with the original trilogy, reworked by GOG-engineers for smoother gameplay on modern machines, as we await the fourth installment of the highly-realistic RTS – we’ll need the practice anyway. Pre-order now at 15% off.

Each title was handpicked by both the developers and the team to make sure …read more

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