Classic Gem Promo: Carmageddon 1 + 2

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Gentlemaniacs, start your engines!

Ah, automobile racing! Such a classy sport. The pinnacle of friendly rivalry, fair play, and finesse. There’s quite no other activity a gentleman could enjoy more on a Sunday afternoon in the company of his good chums. I know there are some unprogressive circles proclaiming automobile racing to be brutish, morally corrupt, and unworthy of a true gentleman. I say! It’s hard to understand all that public controversy surrounding our favorite pastime. Some accidents are bound to happen, but risk is a crucial ingredient of every elite entertainment. It’s certainly not like we are putting anyone but ourselves in the harm’s way. The thought that a gentleman driver could run over a pedestrian with his automobile is simply… pedestrian. I can’t imagine how this noble sport could ever become unfair, not to mention brutal. Absurd notion, I say. Absurd!
–Sir Harold M. Damage, April 1908, Dullbottomshire

It’s safe to assume that Carmageddon 1 + 2 bundle offers one of the highest currency to badassery exchange rate available anywhere in the known universe. The amount of manic aggression, high-speed mayhem, chrome, steel, gasoline, and blood splatter you get for your buck will not be matched easily, even by grindhouse …read more

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