Weekend Promo: Risen Stars

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Stars are rising, prices are dropping! Up to 80% off Risen 3, Metro: Last Light Redux, Sacred 2, and more!

Falling stars have been associated with supernatural occurrences and have caused many a spiritual pondering since the dawn of time. Do they bring luck? Are they omens of terrible catastrophes? Is God just bored, throwing pebbles at the big ponds we call oceans? It’s hard to tell. Risen Stars, however, have a much simpler connotation: they bring great discounts to all Atari and Deep Silver titles on our catalogue! Catching them before they disappear in the sky may not score you that coveted promotion or a lottery win but we promise it will keep you entertained for a loooong time!

Your soul has been stolen by an evil Shadow Lord and now you must rise and fight to reclaim it. Roam a land ravaged by the Titans, align yourself with one of three factions, collect loot, and wield powerful magic in the vast world of Risen 3.

Caught between warring groups of survivors, the looming presence of extraterrestrial visitors, and the savage mutants, Artyom must scour the metro tunnels of post-apocalyptic Moscow and become his people’s Last Light in this chilling survival FPS.

He is Riddickulously cool. He is Riddickulously deadly. He has a Riddickulous plan: to escape Dark Athena unscathed. Not happening. Lucky for us, since that means we can now tag along as he slices, dices, blasts, and sneaks past everyone in his way. A movie-inspired FPS done right? You better believe it.

Need any help counting all the Risen Stars? There are more than 20 in here and among them Saints Row: The Third, Alone in Dark, Sacred 2, Rollercoaster Tycoon and many more! Look how bright they shine! The promo will last until February 23, 7:59 AM GMT.

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