Weekly Staff Picks: Leap Day

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Up to 75% off Freedom Planet, Guacamelee, FEZ, Shantae, and more!

We’ve been waiting four years to get a 29th of February, but now finally it’s here! And what better way to celebrate Leap Day than by going, well, leaping. The occasion calls for some gravity-defying, platform-reaching, hyperkinetic action and that’s why we’ve invited some leaping experts to show us their agile ways. And although it took some effort, we managed to keep the prices pinned to the ground and even knock them down a notch or three.

Ready to protect Freedom Planet from an alien warlord that is after its most precious artifact? It will require speed, agility, excellent reflexes, and some sassy attitude but there is a dragon girl and a wildcat who possess just the right set of skills for the job.

Unlockable characters, randomized levels, dozens of items, and enemies that grow stronger the longer you stay on their mysterious planet. There is also a Risk of Rain and permadeath involved but the hours of intense platforming action more than make up for it.

It has horns, a mean forehead, and a funky beard. No, it’s not your mother-in-law, we’re talking about Escape Goat here! Together with its immortal mouse friend they solve puzzles, avoid deadly traps, and use the intricacies of the environment to escape the most dangerous of strongholds.

Get your feet off the ground and jump sky-high for the long-awaited arrival of Leap Day! If need be, seek inspiration in excellent platformers like Guacamelee, FEZ, Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse or just take a glance at their discounted prices. That should lift your spirits right up! The promo will last until March 04, 10:59 AM GMT.

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