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Big Pharma: Marketing and Malpractice, the next step to curing your drugs’ ailing performance, is available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux, DRM-free on

Offering free samples, engaging in cross-promotion, tampering with market prices, buttering up doctors, and coming up with empty buzzwords. These are all parts of the formula for running a successful pharmaceutical business and it’s a good thing you are already immune to any morality side-effects. Mixing aggressive marketing practices with your effective production strategy is the next step to establishing a potential monopoly and dominating competition. The Marketing and Malpractice DLC provides all the tools you need to accomplish that and inject some even more complex decision-making into your business simulation experience. Just make sure your competitors don’t end up giving you a taste of your own medicine.

Make your medicinal products about three times more appealing with Big Pharma: Marketing and Malpractice, DRM-free on

If you still need some convincing to launch your career as a ruthless businessman, now is the time to grab Big Pharma for 40% off. The offer expires on Wednesday, April 27, 3:59 PM UTC.

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