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Four Sherlock Holmes games, chronicling the point’n’click exploits of the brilliant consulting detective, are available now, DRM-free on, with a 60% launch discount if purchased individually or 80% as part of the 221b Baker Street bundle.

The somber sound of a deftly played violin spills in from the adjacent room. Sherlock must be in a mood again. The good doctor takes another look at the notebook where he keeps records of his dear friend’s most spectacular adventures. Hmm, which one should he write about in an attempt to lift his spirits?

Maybe about The Awakened. This is where they faced a sinister cult worshiping terrible gods and had to unravel a downward spiral of senseless brutality and madness. The recollection still gives Watson shivers.

What about that time when the ultimate puzzle-solver met his Nemesis, as he engaged in a mental duel with the legendary gentleman thief Arsene Lupin?

Perhaps he can write about how they chased the infamous Jack the Ripper through the feculent Whitechapel district, while painstakingly examining those horrible murder scenes.

He is somewhat reluctant to recount The Testament of Sherlock Holmes. A thrilling case to be sure, but also one that revealed his companion’s darker side, as he was fighting to clear his name of some truly vile accusations.

This is harder than he thought. See, they are all so chock-full of suspense, brilliant brain teasers, fateful encounters, and picturesque locales. Perhaps it’s time to consult the charismatic man in the other room. After all, this is how they managed to tackle all those challenges in the first place: as a team.

Exercise your crime-solving skills in four adventures featuring the legendary Sherlock Holmes, DRM-free on The 60/80% discounts for 221b Baker Street will last for the duration of …read more

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