Release: Blocks That Matter

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Puzzle platforming !

Atoms, the building blocks of matter. Cells, the building blocks of life. Stone blocks layer the foundations of Egyptian pyramids, while thick slabs of concrete and metal frame our homes and skyscrapers. Blocks have been around longer than the wheel. Whether they’re wooden instruments, plastic bricks, chocolatey goodness, or pixely companions – for generations of children and adults… it’s blocks that matter. Markus and Alexey are two legendary block-enthusiast-game-developer extraordinaires. Desire for companionship and adventure brings them together to collaborate on their most ambitious project yet. A shroud of mystery surrounds the Swedish studio, as citizens of this world look toward the project in reverent anticipation. One day, a small criminal group takes the hype one step too far… Markus and Alexey are kidnapped, and now their secret brainchild is the only hope they have.

Blocks that Matter is the game that totally not Notch Markus and definitely not the Tetris guy Alexey might have released if they weren’t busy making a robot. Now they’re in danger, and it’s up to you to get them out. Tetrobot is the one eyed, sweeter than a sugar cube companion that will drill and hop past just about anything blocking his way. Put on a thinking cap and remember your tetrominoes as you platform and mine your own crafty escape route!

A love letter to every cube and brick in gaming. This unique puzzle-platformer will have you headbutting, mining, and arranging blocks for over sixty head scratching levels. Give your thumbs and mind a workout with Blocks that Matter, for only $1.99 on!

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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