Game Update & Price Drop: Cognition: GOTY Edition

Classic Games

Detective-mystery meets paranormal thriller!

Today Erica Reed is an exceptional detective, but being special always comes at a price. Her extraordinary gift, allowing her a peek into the past by simply touching an object, makes her the ultimate bloodhound, and yet, causes excruciating mental pain. Her own past is marred irreparably by a personal tragedy. Can she conquer her demons by solving one morbid case after another, or will the unfading shadow of her brother’s killer torment her forever? The mystery thickens, as someone starts leaving clues, that can only be uncovered with the use of Erica’s unique ability. Who? Why? Can the troubled detective last long enough to find out?

Uncover dark mysteries behind grisly killings and lead detective Erica Reed to absolution over four tension-filled episodes of Cognition. An Erica Reed Thriller is available DRM-free for Windows and Mac OS X, with Game of the Year Edition goodie pack, only $9.99 for an entire week!

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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