Release: Tetrobot and Co.

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It’s an electric company!

Fifteen years have passed since Tetrobot’s great rescue in Blocks That Matter. The little robot now sits on a workbench, idle and decrepit. A lone girl tinkers nearby, as she reaches over, her nimble fingers tweaking and turning, a new life enters the mechanical body. Switch on, Psychobot! You’re the Tetrobots’ little brother in the most literal sense. A microscopic one-eyed creature designed to delicately penetrate your broken siblings’ inner workings. You’re here to help: float on through the damaged circuitry, flip switches, and regurgitate blocks of matter to rebuild your fallen brethren. Find the important answers: What broke all of these Tetrobots? And how are you so freaking adorable?

Tetrobot and Co. takes the best design and puzzle elements of Blocks That Matter and goes all out. This time around a brand new point and click interface lets you focus entirely on the puzzles. The game is anything but easy, while nothing but fair: there are no perks or backtracking here, every puzzle can be solved from the get-go even if it doesn’t seem like it at first glance. That’s all part of the fun. Just don’t blame us when that one solution hits you like a brick during your morning shower.

Pick up Tetrobot and Co., a quirky brain buster with 50+ levels of head-scratching fun, for as little as $3.99, on!

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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