Release: Mark of the Ninja: Special Edition

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His name is not Mark.

The Mark is a sacred tradition of the Hisomu ninja clan. Extracted from the leaves of a mysterious desert flower, its essence holds a great but dangerous power that will snap even the strongest of minds. Generations past have found a way to harness this gift of nature, to draw upon it in need and strike against those who threaten their way. You have volunteered to be marked with this essence. In doing so, you will become strong, an unstoppable force. You will become aware, one with your surroundings. You will become agile, neither seen nor heard. You will use this power to protect the Hisomu clan. But as your body drinks the ink marking your skin, you slowly descend into madness. And when insanity takes hold, when actions stop being your own, will you make the sacrifice to protect the clan? This is the mark of the ninja.

You won’t find a more ambitious foray into 2D stealth gameplay than Mark of the Ninja. A detailed and consistent sound and sight system, as well as non-linear level design give you the freedom to approach every objective in your own way. Whether you’re a predator relishing each kill, a phantom striking fear and disorder into enemy ranks, or no more than a gust of wind, you can expect the same level of satisfyingly challenging gameplay. Go one step further, complete challenges, and unlock additional suits and abilities to compliment your playstyle. Once you think you’ve seen it all… New Game+ awaits with a whole new set of rules to overcome. All of this gameplay, wrapped in smooth animation on beautifully drawn backdrops, is enough to make bystanders forget you’re playing a game.

Mark of the Ninja Special Edition expands your options with a completely fresh non-lethal playstyle. Don the garbs of Dosan, a ninja tattoo artist with his own bag of tricks, and discover the intrigue that lead up to the main story. Done it all? The DLC also includes detailed developer commentary (in six languages!) scattered throughout the campaign for a fresh take on the world of Mark of the Ninja.

Disappear into the shadows, delve into madness, and honor your Mark of the Ninja for only $5.99 on!

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